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Partner with us and get direct access to our advanced Optimaze workplace management solutions and a broader service palette you can tailor to meet your customers' needs. In addition to our tools and services, as a partner you get our support throughout the process.

How to run a space utilization study for your customer

With Optimaze Measure you can offer your customers a quick and easy way to measure the space efficiency of their premises and find any unutilized development potential. Managing the space utilization study project is straightforward and easy. And should you need guidance, our experts are available to help - every step of the way.

The space utilization study consists of three main steps: setting-up, measuring and reporting

The set-up phase includes feeding the floorplan into the software and identifying the various workstations. Doing the measurement itself is simple: the measurer walks through the premises, observes and enters data on a tablet device. You can record what kind of work the employees are doing, thanks to the Activity Observation feature. Generating reports is fast and effortless with the Optimaze Measure’s real-time online reporting.

Add Optimaze Measure to your toolkit

Are you wondering what it takes to start measuring space utililization in your customer projects? It's this simple:  


Try out Optimaze Measure for free.

You will understand how easy it is to set up and use Optimaze Measure for your project. 

 2. BUY

Pay for the measured work seats only. 

You pay for what you need. No license or implementation costs.

3. USE

Leverage a cloud based software, available globally.

Everything is done online from purchase to reporting, it cannot get any easier for you.

Interested in space utilization measurements?

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Meet also our IoT-based Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors!

Optimaze Worksense sensor technology enables you to do so much more than just measure your customers' space utilization:

  • Offer them real-time information about available workseats and meeting rooms with an intuitive floor plan view
  • Enhance their employee experience by bringing colleagues and work spaces together in practical ways
  • Promote the easy and cost efficient installation of Optimaze Worksense

On top of all that, of course, your customers also get the benefits of the space utilization data.

Define the optimal work environment with Optimaze Workplace Analysis

We provide the tools for space utilization, workplace surveys and initial calculations for the optimal work environment. With Optimaze Workplace Analysis you can efficiently get an understanding of the starting point and the potential of your customer’s work environment.  If your experts are busy with other projects, we can even provide additional support, which gives you the opportunity to scale your business better and focus on your core services in the workplace development project.

Find out about the latest workplace trends

We analyze workplaces globally and publish the Optimaze Workplace Review yearly. As a partner you get access to this large research that allows you to benchmark your customers’ data and provide insight to their specific project.

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Working with partners is a smart way to adjust personnel resources and make sure you always have experts available when you need them. Rapal is a reliable service partner that serves clients globally through its partner network. We help our partners develop their own businesses by helping their end-customers diagnose their workplaces or learning environments.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or to hear more, please contact us. You can also book a live demo of Optimaze Measure and we can continue our discussions from there.  

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