Patrik Etelävuori

Patrik Etelävuori is currently working as Group Digital Transformation Lead at Finnair, focusing mainly on People & Culture. Patrik is passionate about design thinking and challenging the status-quo with a human-centered and disruptive approach. Creating new models and innovations in our daily work environment both in solutions and services are close to his heart. In his previous role as Head of Concepts & Innovations - Facilities, Patrik was driving the Tieto Keilalahti Campus Head Office project. He has since been working closely with new ways of working, employee experience as well as Intelligent/Smart Building solutions in the constantly evolving digital work environments.

Recent Posts

Guest Blog: Future of Work

By Patrik Etelävuori on 2/9/18 11:47 AM

Let go of the handbrake! Workplaces should embrace the opportunities that emerge with technological innovations, and make the best out of them in work life. The "Why" in the future of work is engaged and inspired people, which is achieved with a combination of empathetic corporate culture, technology and physical elements. This is how we'll create the best possible employee experiences, writes Patrik Etelävuori.

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