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Coor gains a competitive edge with Rapal's tools


Coor, a leading provider of IFM services, collaborates with Rapal to offer their customers a quick and easy way to measure the space efficiency of their premises and to get valuable insights into how to develop their work environment further. This gives Coor an advantage over their competition.

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Watch video of Anna Rudberg, Head of Coor Advisory Services, talking about the benefits of space utilization studies and cooperation with Rapal. 

Coor is a leading Nordic provider of integrated facility management (IFM) services, such as solutions in logistics, administration, property management and security. Coor's customers include large corporations and small enterprises operating in the private and public sectors. The company has operations primarily in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but also in Belgium, Estonia, Poland and Hungary, and employs some 8000 persons.

Anna Rudberg, Head of Coor Advisory Services, works with her team of workplace consultants on workplace transformations. They offer their customers Rapal’s Optimaze Measure tool to measure space utilization rates and get valuable information on how those spaces are being used. “There are many tools to measure workplace space utilization, but we prefer to use Rapal’s tool because it is very user friendly,” Rudberg says. She goes on to explain that with the easy-to-use interface, Coor clients can run their own measurements.

By offering space utilization measurements, Coor brings added value to their customers

Thanks to the space utilization measurements, Coor can base their recommendations for workplace transformation projects on real-time solid data from their clients' actual situation.

In addition to measuring space utilization rates, companies can also gather real time data on the daily activities taking place in their organization. Combining workplace occupancy information with the activity observation results allows the organization to see how fit for purpose their workspaces actually are. These results can be used, for example, to develop the work environment to better support daily work.

Coor is happy with Rapal collaboration

Collaboration between Coor and Rapal works well according to Rudberg. She considers Rapal a very responsive partner. “If I have any questions, Rapal always answers quickly. We have had development ideas that Rapal has taken into account,” says Rudberg.

In Rudberg's opinion, the Optimaze Measure gives Coor a competitive edge. She believes that if Coor had not offered Rapal’s tool to their customers, it would not have won all the projects it has carried out. “When I compare our company with our competitors providing similar services, I believe that being able to provide these measurements makes us stand out,” Rudberg says. 

This article is based on an interview prepared by Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy.

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