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Elisa discovered the potential of its premises


Optimaze allows Elisa to manage the use of its premises in real time and to make quick decisions on the optimal location units. After taking Optimaze into use, Elisa has changed from a property owner into a property user.

– We have been able to improve our operations and make them more efficient with the versatile Optimaze solutions, says real estate manager Jari Salo from Elisa’s Property services. Elisa started using Optimaze in 2006.

– The constantly increasing changes within Elisa’s operations required more agility and an ability to implement new placement solutions for units and people quickly. This required us to improve our unit location management. We also wanted to add a graphical interface to our data management, Salo explains. – Optimaze was the solution.

Real-time solutions

Today, Elisa doesn’t see Optimaze just as a project, but as part of the company’s service processes and procedures. Salo emphasizes the fact that Optimaze is not just an application, but rather a versatile service entity.

– Now we have efficient process management, reliable property management and solutions. We have also noticed that communication with users has improved.

– With Optimaze we can manage the use of our premises in real time. We are able to make quick decisions on the optimal location units and to plan forthcoming changes together with the users of the system, Salo lists some of the benefits he has found using Optimaze.

Significant financial benefits

Elisa has been very satisfied with the results it has achieved with Optimaze. According to Salo, Elisa’s ability to react quickly and with flexibility to organizational changes is on a good level.

–  Most importantly, the utilization of premises has become more efficient in our organization. The improved efficiency brings about clear financial benefits and the savings are significant. Everyone can calculate how much a saving of 20–30% means for their operations, he continues.

In the future, Elisa will further develop the data regarding management of unit locations as well as procedures and processes.

Occupational well-being and environmental efficiency

In addition to the financial aspect, corporate responsibility reporting is emphasized as one of the benefits of using Optimaze.

–  In the future we will need better reporting functions to describe the structure of our versatile space environment as well as the utilization efficiency of the premises, Salo says.

–  Comprehensive development of the working environment supports working today and in the future. Comprehensive development improves both the personnel’s occupational wellbeing and the environmental efficiency of a company. Elisa will focus on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions with the help of Optimaze solutions, Salo says, describing the future development plans.

– With Optimaze we have noticed that our premises do have potential. Optimaze has helped us find it, Jari concludes.