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Finnish Tax Administration: “Efficient use of space is the most tangible benefit of our cooperation.”


The Finnish Tax Administration and Rapal have collaborated for some years now to systematically measure workspace utilization. The initial goal was to document under-utilized spaces – today, the efficient use of workspaces is a quantifiable benefit.

Olli Aalto: ”Rapal’s experts a valuable resource”

Olli Aalto is the Facility Services Director for the Finnish Tax Administration. He is in charge of ensuring that all their premises are of optimal size and ideally located. 

“I became acquainted with Rapal in 2005 when we began using their space management tools. In 2013, our cooperation increased when we started measuring space utilization on a regular basis,” Aalto says.

Watch video of Olli Aalto, Facility Service Director for the Finnish Tax Administration, talking about their continuous space utilization studies and cooperation with Rapal.


Real data on office space occupancy   

”We knew we were not using our office spaces as efficiently as possible, but we needed quantifiable data to prove this. We also wanted more detailed information on how different types of workspaces were being used and by whom.” 

Rapal’s work environment experts helped the Tax Administration begin the Optimaze Measure space utilization studies to collect the required information. ”We would not have been able to get this process up and running on our own,” Aalto praises.

Well-designed work environment improves employee performance

Based on the results of the space utilization studies, The Tax Administration develops its workspaces to support various work processes better. “We have focused on collaborative spaces and a conversing method of working, but we also have spaces for quiet work. I think we’ve found a good balance between the various spaces that are needed to do taxation these days,” Aalto describes.

The work environment and how it is being developed influence both employee performance and the way the Tax Administration is perceived as an employer.

Space utilization measurements continue

The Tax Administration and Rapal continue to work together to conduct regular space utilization studies once a year at all facilities with more than 80 employees. “Now that we have our floor plan templates we can collect the data and get results quickly in easy to use format to share with our decision makers.”

”The improved use of space is the most tangible benefit. Overall, we have been very pleased with our cooperation with Rapal,” Aalto concludes.

This article is based on interview prepared by Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy.

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