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The smart way to manage your offices

and provide flexibility & choice

Worksense empowers choice for employees and supports sharing resources with real-time and booking data on available desks, rooms, parking spaces and more. Employers can promote flexible, hybrid and activity-based working while lowering real estate costs and carbon footprints. One smart office solution for making a better workplace experience, while easily collecting IoT data for continuous workplace management and improvement.

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EG Optimaze Worksense - Solution highlights

We invite you to optimize your spaces with workplace analytics and continuously collected usage data. Empower flexibility and choice at the office, and connect people to spaces and resources through a sleek workplace app. Help people find colleagues at the office, and book desks or rooms on the go. Then upgrade to integrate room booking systems, occupancy and parking sensors and much more.

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Desk and room booking – anytime, anyplace

Get more use out of your shared work environment. Help employees and visitors feel confident that they have a booked desk waiting at the office, even before they leave home. 

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Wayfinding and interactive floorplans

Empower coworkers and guests to navigate their way around office floors, buildings and campuses to find the person, desk or room they are looking for. 

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Bring people together to build connections

See who’s planning to be at the office, or search where your colleagues are sitting. Book desks for your colleagues and visitors in advance, so you can all sit together during office days.

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Analytics for managing the workplace

Start following your office use based on desk booking data, then ramp up your workplace analytics to collect continuous and real-time sensor data on actual desk and room utilization and indoor air. 

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Manage capacity, health &


Limit and communicate office capacity if needed. Concentrate cleaning efforts based on utilization and booking data, and manage service requests to ensure maintenance.

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Empower FM to enhance the workplace experience

Enable service request feature for all employees, to streamline maintenance and service with precise location data. 

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Keep your floor plans up

to date

Let us digitize all your floor plans and keep them up to date. Replace your old paper floor plan signage with lobby screens and wayfinding kiosks.

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Save energy and lower your carbon footprint

Empowering flexible or hybrid working, introducing shared  environments and cutting wasted space will help save both money and the planet.

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Right-size your spaces, save on your real estate costs

By collecting space and desk utilization data continuously, you'll understand the amount of space that you actually need, and what kinds of spaces your organization wants to use, based on 'what hot and what's not'.


How it works

Curious to dive deeper? Learn more on the Worksense product page.

Read more about features, the smart IoT technology, easy and fast setup & installation, key integrations and our stellar customer support.


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EG Optimaze Worksense Analytics Dashboard and App


Zero-waste thinking supports the circular economy

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Wasted space

Average utilization of workstations is less than 50%, even in Activity Based Offices*. 

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Wasted energy

Optimized space use is reflected in the reductions in energy use and emissions per employee​.

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Wasted time

4 in 10 office workers spend as much as 60 minutes every week searching for available desks, conference rooms, or colleagues**

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Wasted potential

Companies with highly satisfied employees have 37% lower absenteeism, 21% higher productivity, 25-65% lower turnover of employees***​

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[Sources: * Optimaze Workplace Review 2019 & Rapal customer projects; ** Senion​; ***]


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