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A floor plan increases the usability of real estate applications – where would you add a floor plan?

12/22/17 12:43 PM

Digitalization is the current buzzword. This may sound like yesterday’s news, but it's a fact that digitalization is accelerating in all sectors and is on everybody's lips. Service platforms, ecosystems, disruption and open data are adding to the hype. Even traditionally conservative sectors such as property and construction are waking up to the reality of the digital transition.

A good example of the sector's activeness was the ReCoTech event, held for the second time this year. Arranged in connection with Slush, ReCoTech drew over 400 participants. The Finnish government also views digitalization as important; the KIRA-digi project has been launched to expedite the digitalization of the sector. EUR 16 million is being distributed under KIRA, for the development of digital innovations and pilot projects.

The new digital services are, above all, highly visual, user friendly and intuitive

Rapal has been working on the development of digital services in the sector since as long ago as 1994. The clearest possible visualization for users is a key feature of digital services. We believe that floor plans are the most intuitive way of presenting a building and its spaces. We have noticed that new players are entering the sector due to the digital transition, and that floor plans will play a major role in their products and product usability. Such products include lobby displays, room reservation systems, maintenance manuals, equipment registers, indoor positioning services, monitoring of people flows, and so on. The list could be a very long one...

A floor plan can be used in a variety of digital products such as lobby displays, room reservation systems, manuals, etc.

Can you think of an application that would benefit from a floor plan?

Outdated information benefits no one

As more new systems arrive, in the property sector we are revisiting very familiar questions:
  • How to maintain floor plans in all systems?
  • How can we ensure that each and every system has the most recently updated version of a floor plan?
  • Who is responsible for updating floor plans?
We are seeking answers to these questions with the help of our own KIRA-digi project. We are developing a concept that will
  1. enable the easy maintenance of floor plans in one, central location and
  2. facilitate the sharing of floor plans for the required applications, via modern interfaces.

We can even offer application developers access to our very own Viewer library, which enables the presentation of floor plans on third-party applications.

Stronger through open cooperation

Digitalization and new services are arriving so fast that no single player in the sector can solve all of a customer’s needs. Collaboration and integration between systems are needed in order to create a well-functioning whole. Visualization of floor plans as part of a system, and their easy maintenance, are among the key strengths of our Optimaze real estate management software. That is why we want to make this side of our know-how more available and encourage all players to engage in open cooperation. Only in this way can we create outstanding digital service packages for the property and construction sector, which create genuine added value for the customer.


Jukka Nisula

Written by Jukka Nisula

Project Manager
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