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Colin Newlyn

Colin is a recovering corporate executive who is on a mission to ‘Decrapify Work’. In his career he experienced the highs and lows, starting in an open, supportive and enabling culture and ending up in some thoroughly toxic ones - and he knows which one was best! He wants inspire people in organisations to use the agency they have to improve their own work experience, that of the people they work with and ultimately the whole organisation. Colin is a variously described as a sage, critical friend, optimistic realist, independent thinker, coach, mentor and pirate. He writes, blogs and speaks regularly on leadership, teams, the future of work and the insanity of the organisations. He helps people start mutinies, break rules and make good trouble.

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Guest blog: The Decrapified Workplace

By Colin Newlyn on 9/17/21 9:02 AM

Work is crap, right?

For many people, this is an uncontentious statement. According to Gallup, hardly anyone is fully engaged in their work whilst half of employees would change their job tomorrow, and a sizeable number would even take a pay cut to escape their boss. Toxic workplaces and terrible bosses are the norm rather than the exception.

We need to do something, and urgently. We need to decrapify work. But what would a decrapified workplace look like?

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