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Vitalija Danivska

Dr. Sc. Vitalija Danivska is a lecturer and a researcher at Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands). With the background in real estate economics and business, she is particularly interested in corporate, facilities management areas. In her research, she studies wellbeing and digitalisation topics. She is also a co-editor of the book series “Transdisciplinary Workplace Research and Management”.

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Guest blog: Why the hell would we come back to the office?

By Vitalija Danivska on 9/27/21 10:56 AM

For the last 1.5 years, those of us used to working in office spaces have been participating in a global experiment of remote working. What we managed to see is that a lot of the work previously classed as ‘impossible to do remotely’ is actually doable! A lot of companies and employees noticed that one can do their own job - or majority of it from home or restrictions-permitting anywhere else.

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