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Cost engineering

Ensure the financial fundamentals of your infrastructure project! We clarify your expectations and operational requirements in order to set a target price for your project.

We also help you evaluate the cost impacts of various alternatives and prevent unreasonable expenses.
Cost engineering helps you:

  • Manage the finances throughout the project
  • Receive real-time information on the factors affecting project finance
  • Utilize up-to-date cost data to support decision-making
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Business cycle monitoring

The Finnish construction market is ever more tightly linked to the global economy and events outside our country's borders. Rapal’s Forecast service makes business cycle monitoring a fixed and routine part of your organisation’s operations.

The Forecast service includes a wide-ranging quarterly market survey. During a meeting with our consultants, we examine the prevailing economic situation and draw up a series of measures required by it together with our client’s key personnel.

Maintenance cost comparison

We analyze for you how much your municipality pays for street and park maintenance compared to other infrastructure maintainers. Cost comparison is an economical way to increase transparency of the financial effects of decision making.

In 2017, altogether 18 Finnish municipalities participated in the cost comparison. 2017 covers  2,6 million residents and 250 MEUR maintenance costs. The size of municipalities ranges from middle-sized municipalities of 30 000 inhabitants to the capital of over 600 000 residents.

Environmental calculation

Controlling carbon dioxide emissions from infrastructure is one way of tackling climate change. We help you achieve the environmental targets set for your project and calculate the emissions of the construction and maintenance of your infrastructure project.

The calculation model draws on cost structures created in a development project for infrastructure cost management. It is based on modelling of construction activity all the way through to machine work and material consumption.

Other consulting services

We can analyze the financial information produced during your infrastructure construction project. The reliable and independent analysis of data supports decision-making and helps carry out development measures.

The following, customer-specific assignments can be ordered from us:

  • Cost comparison services
  • Audits of cost estimates and projects from financial management’s perspective
  • Financial manager services for infrastructure projects
  • Business Cases
  • Production of various key figures
  • Procurement comparison