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In today’s modern schools, innovative space solutions must support collaboration and teamwork, as well as individual and remote ways of working. Space planning helps create an inspiring, versatile and flexible environment.  Learning takes place not only on the school’s own premises, but also in other built environments as well as digital learning environments.

The aim is activity-based, user-centric design

  • A well-prepared change project begins with a needs assessment and established objectives.
  • By conducting a learning environment analysis, we can find out how your staff views their working environment and how satisfied they are with it.
  • A space utilization study identifies the actual capacities and utilization rates of the teaching and support facilities, workspaces and meeting rooms. We use our Optimaze Measure program to conduct the study.
  • Information on your organization’s daily activities is collected during the space utilization study using the Activity Observation feature. It tells what kind of teaching methods are frequently used, where learning takes place, typical group sizes and the size of spaces the groups occupy.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Use the results to define an optimal learning environment, to plan new solutions in more detail and to involve your personnel in the change.


In today’s modern schools, classrooms can be altered for different activities and needs. Picture: Martela

A learning environment analysis

A learning environment analysis identifies the present status, opportunities and development needs of the school facilities, and provides data to support workspace design on a school and school network level.

The analysis is based on the objective measurement of space utilization and work methods as well as a web based survey that enables you to collect feedback from the facility users. By analyzing several facilities simultaneously, you will be able to identify the cost savings potentials on a campus, neighborhood or service network level. The survey helps you evaluate, for example, what kind of opportunities multipurpose, collaborative or easily reconfigured learning spaces could offer you.  

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