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We offer tools for lease management

The Optimaze software enables you to effectively manage all information related to rented premises.

Optimaze serves both lessors and tenants 

The outrent tools enable you to manage the key customer and contract processes in leasing operations. In inrent management, you can view contract details such as validity conditions, future rent amounts, potential increases, and remaining rental liabilities.

  • Manage all the lease agreements related to the facilities of your organization together, in one place.
  • Use the floor plans to see which agreements go with the facilities.
  • Complete agreement forms easily for each agreement type (from facilities and business premises to apartments).
  • Set automatic alarms for agreement events.
  • Utilize the versatile reporting options (e.g. VAT rate reporting).
  • Prepare offers using the same material.

View of lease agreement management tool.

View to lease agreement management. Optimaze enables managing both inrent and outrent lease agreements. 

Report IFRS 16 Leases standard with Optimaze

The IFRS 16 Leases Standard will take effect at the beginning of January 2019 and is binding on all listed companies. According to the standard, all long-term inrent agreements must be included in the income statement.

You can enter all the IFRS-required information in the Optimaze software. Optimaze will automatically calculate the key figures required in financial management for the financial statement. In addition, it is possible to enter costs into the system that are covered by reporting obligation and are not handled with a lease contract.

We can help your organization with collating information and entering it in the software. We can also implement automatic integration to the financial management systems in your organization. Our solutions are customer-specific and we will be happy to tell you more about them. Please contact our expert.

Manage rental invoicing and payments information in one system

Optimaze will generate inrent and outrent invoices based on the inrent and outrent agreements entered into the software. Key invoicing operations include:

  • Creating rent invoices for agreements
  • Changing invoicing information
  • Rent adjustments
  • Invoicing summary reports
  • Customer-specific compilation invoices
  • Allocation of costs to the users of a facility
  • Integration to an accounting system

Handle tenant selection effectively

Tenant selection enables easy management of applications for business premises and apartments. Tenant selection is integrated to lease management in the Optimaze software, providing automated information on lease areas. The system will turn approved applications into draft agreements to be processed in lease management.

The automated job queue process makes decision-making faster, as applications are directed to the person in charge.

Utilize floor plans in your marketing

By supplementing the space management model that the Optimaze software uses for floor plans, you can build a good base for your marketing and presentation materials.

  • You can utilize 2D floor plans when advertising your apartments, for example
  • Add interactive 3D PDF files to your marketing material
  • Give your customers a good picture of your rented properties using your phone or tablet

Rendering can be used to create good general images of your site. The most detailed models can be imported in IFC format, and you can order further processing and add-ons as a service from us. Alternatively, you can ask us to provide IFC models of your sites.


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