Energetic Workplace Solutions Project Manager

Nov 19, 2019 2:58:35 PM

Are you passionate about improving workplaces, tech and data? Want to make a meaningful climate impact, and make better use of our resources within the built environment? Join our Workplace Solutions team – we are growing, and our journey has only just begun!

“We want our workplace to reflect our company’s modern culture as an agile and youthful, yet traditional and reliable scale-up tech company with origins in the Nordics. We want to live as we preach, and be ahead in workplace know-how, where we take care of our people’s wellbeing and have responsible and sustainable values around people, the environment and economy. To us, the Nordic culture and way of working means a civilized and tolerant workplace with democracy, equality, diversity, inclusiveness, mutual respect, openness, honesty, transparency and trust at its core.”  (A quote from our own design brief, when defining the vision for our new offices.)

Great news!

Our Workplace Solutions team needs some more hands, brains and heart to help diagnose, define and deliver visions like these to customers! There are a lot of things to do and many, varied tasks to keep going. Together with your colleague, your mission will be to deliver workplace happiness through our customer projects (coordinating SaaS-based space utilization studies, and managing implementations of Smart office solutions) in Finland, the Nordics, Europe and beyond.

Our amazing Optimaze Workplace Solutions Team!
To shine as our Energetic Can-Do Workplace Solutions Project Manager and to be a great fit for the team we hope you constantly seek to develop and improve, feel comfortable working in both a Finnish and an international, as well as a somewhat hectic work environment, have a service mindset with great social skills and a hands-on attitude.

To succeed we think you need

  • Solid experience in project management or project coordination
  • A love for details, coordination & working with numbers (we have plenty; we essentially sell data analytics and tools for it).
  • Excellent skills in Excel, PowerPoint and Word to deliver excellence and joy to our customers. Skills in Power BI is an asset.
  • Curiosity around tech: software, IoT, sensors, hardware, gamification and online services get you more excited than anxious.
  • Great social & communications skills to build and manage relationships with customers, partners and other stakeholders, as well as a service mindset - gaining trust, satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Self-directed attitude - you know what needs to be done and you just do it (independent and autonomous working without daily direction or supervision).
  • Agility and taking initiative – quick response time without stress, with the ability to solve issues that may arise, despite all foreseen precautions.
  • We hope for fluency in English & Finnish as working languages. Swedish is a big asset, as we especially plan to focus on the Nordics! We see experience of non-Finnish work cultures also as an asset. Some travelling may occasionally come up.

What would make you super awesome at this job

  • You are tech-oriented and can explain even the slightly more complicated issues in a comprehensible way, making the project experience feel like a breeze to our stakeholders. Likewise, you feel comfortable chatting to software engineers and tech people to problem-solve issues that may arise.
  • Flexibility! Time (we work in several time zones), Tasks (our team is small and things need to be done outside a defined “box,” so be ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’), Trying and Testing new things (we are developing new things all the time, growing a new business and service palette).
  • You appreciate how far we’ve come, yet seek constantly to develop & improve (yourself, the team, processes, services). We like to discuss and debate openly inside the team, always challenging each other and ourselves constructively.
  • You are interested, even passionate about improving workplaces!

Your wellbeing, enthusiasm and high energy level is important to us

To ensure our mutual success, joy and happiness, we offer things like

  • Extended insurance to cover leisure time: yes, you heard it. 24/7.
  • Extended health services. More than just the basics
  • Brand new activity-based office spaces, with superb views and location
  • Flexible work hours that support work-life balance
  • Great coffee! From latte to espresso, and flat white to lungo
  • Refreshing drinking water - with or without bubbles
  • Daily energizers such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and porridges
  • A space for rejuvenation with, e.g., a Neurosonic Divan for unwinding
  • Fun activities/events with the whole company every few months

What’s awaiting you?

  • A team of six skilled, talented and fun team members who eagerly await to enroll you to the team and onboard you to the business we’re in
  • A supportive environment where you can learn and grow to be the expert and star you want to be – we’ll give you on-the-job training and support
  • Multiple locations to work from, like our new & awesome office at the 16th floor of the Panorama Tower in Leppävaara (Espoo, Finland) and a network of UMA coworking offices around the Nordics.

The view from our offices on the 16th floor is inspiring.

What is it that we do?

Rapal is a leading expert in SaaS-based solutions for the built environment, with major public and private sector customers around the world. Our software company is based in Espoo, Finland and San Francisco, USA, and our customers are dispersed around the globe.

For over 20 years, Rapal has been developing software solutions for real estate management and for creating better workplaces. Our Workplace Solutions unit was established in 2014 with an internal startup-mindset and mission to help create better workplaces. We do this through workplace analytics - space utilization studies, sensor data analytics, surveys and more - and providing smart office solutions to enhance the daily workplace experience of employees.

The meaning of our work can be sensed in our own workplace. Rapal’s products and services can have a huge impact on society and the environment, as building users can optimize the use of their space, and ultimately affect how much more new real estate is being built. This has also a great impact on the bottom line for building owners and investors, whose properties can maintain their value in the long term.

If this sounds like a job you can’t wait to start, then join our great, warm, supportive, skilled, fun and driven team to help us grow!

About the process

  1. You get excited. You send us your application quickly, to be first in line.
  2. We invite you for an interview with team lead & HR. Ask us about anything that puzzles you.
  3. Meet the team – we’ll interview you, and you’ll get to ask about “a day in the life of…”
  4. We’ll decide if a job offer is made, and you choose whether to accept it.

If this still sounds like a job you are itching to start, please send your cover letter and CV to Anna-Leena Raij by Sunday, December 8. We are hoping to get the right person on board as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please contact Maija Patjas at +358-44-031-2256 or maija.patjas@rapal.com.

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