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Smart Workplace Sessions #8: Furniture-as-a-Service: Circular Economy for the Workplace

Sep 21, 2021 11:23:39 AM

On September 15th, 2021, we spoke to Melanie Jones and Eeva Terävä about the circular economy and what that means in terms of furniture, for creating and maintaining proper work settings in a sustainable, resilient and economically smart way. The concept of Furniture-as-a-Service (FaaS) is changing the way we think about owning resources, and keeping the workplace relevant for the ever changing needs of organizations.

Melanie Jones of Berkshire Hathaway company CORT and Eeva Terävä of Martela, were the guests in the eighth session of a series of workplace talks, where industry experts discuss the benefits that flexible work and smarter flexible workplace solutions can provide to employers, employees, the environment and society in general.

The webinar touches on a few key concepts of what circular economy means, and how resource efficiency, renting and sharing, reuse and recycling ties into it to make better sense both economically and environmentally.

The following is a webinar recording with the discussions divided into three segments, interspersed with polls and presentations hosted by Maija Patjas, Head of International Relations, Optimaze, Rapal. These three segments roughly cover:

  1. Circular and sharing economy - and how these are more sustainable and flexible than the traditional linear and ownership economy
  2. Dynamic asset management and building resilience for change and disruption
  3. Future-proof workplace strategies and the business case for furniture-as-a-service (FaaS)

Watch it, and we'll bring you up-to-speed with the past, present and future of how organizations procure and manage furniture.


The interview was hosted by Pontus Kihlman, Head of Business Development, Optimaze, Rapal. To learn more about the entire webinar series and review recordings of past webinars, click here. 

Naturally, in the theme of Smart Workplaces, we also spoke a bit about proptech, smart office solutions, employee apps, workplace analytics, data, sensors and IoT - and the role that these play in creating optimized and outstanding workplaces with shared spaces and resources. And most importantly, how FaaS enables a better workplace experience inside, and outside, the office - to create happier workplaces, even when working from home.

LIVE Melanie Eeva Pontus

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A two-part interview with Alex Edds, Director of Innovation at JLL, was recommended by Melanie Jones during the webinar. Please find links below:
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Next webinar on October 13: The case for distributed workplaces and working near home

In the next webinar, we'll continue on the subject of the sharing economy in the workplace - this time around office spaces and "anywhere working."

We'll be talking to Antti Tuomela (CEO & Co-Founder at Spacent) and George Horhota (CEO at Spacent Canada) about empowering employees to work in a hybrid way - across several locations. We'll discuss how employers and landlords can adopt new business models and technologies for providing professional work settings from more than one location, without the hassle of setting up own satellite offices everywhere to run and maintain. To learn more SIGN UP HERE.

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