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Digital forerunner, Finnish Tax Administration, selects Optimaze Worksense

Nov 16, 2020 11:22:47 AM

The Finnish Tax Administration has selected Optimaze Worksense, the smart office solution by Rapal, as their space management solution for their largest office locations. The system is used for visualizing space use and indoor air quality in real-time, while enabling a more efficient utilization of existing activity-based office spaces.

Employees can book workspaces and meeting rooms in their own mobile app, the workplace professionals collect data and optimze workspace usage.

The Optimaze Worksense mobile app uses IoT-technology and booking features to support modern digital workplaces.

The Finnish Tax Administration makes the workday experience for employees smoother at the activity-based offices with the help of the new smart office solution. The solution visualizes space use and indoor air quality in real-time, and enables desk and room booking on the go from a mobile app. Simultaneously, utilization and booking data is automatically collected for the benefit of continuous workplace improvement and space optimization by the facility manager.

The aim for the Finnish Tax Administration to use a smart office solution and space management solution is also to help make fact-based decisions on how to develop space efficiency going forward. With the help Optimaze Worksense, utilization data from desks and spaces, as well as indoor air quality metrics (CO2 levels, temperature, humidity) is collected automatically in real-time to interactive reports.

Optimaze Worksense brings a new level of frictionless office use, as they will have access to a digital twin and real-time space information of the building through info screens, laptops and mobile devices. This enables them to seamlessly book free rooms and shared desks, and release them as needed.

Facility services use the collected data to evaluate the new normal use of office space.

Olli Aalto, Facility Services Director at Finnish Tax Administration

Aiming for continuous optimization of workplace usability

”At the Tax Administration we want to regularly improve the usability of our working environment, and by expanding the use of Worksense we can take a significant step towards a better flow state in our daily work”, says Olli Aalto, Facility Services Director at Finnish Tax Administration, and continues: “We have already tried out the system for visualizing the utilization and comfort levels in our shared support spaces, and now we get to extend the use of the system to the work desk level at all our largest offices. We are happy that we get to continue our collaboration with a familiar partner.”

”Worksense assures employees that workstations are available. The solution makes it easy to navigate and find a suitable and available desk. At the same time, we who work with Facility Services, get valuable and perpetually cumulating granular data on space use, and this will play a significant role later on, when we evaluate the new normal of office use based on data”, Aalto summarizes.

”It is great to be able to support the Tax Administration, by bringing the Optimaze Worksense solution to their office locations”, comments Maija Patjas, Chief Relationship Officer, Rapal.

”At the Finnish Tax Administration, they have been doing systematic work towards an optimally supportive work environment for quite some time. Optimaze Worksense makes daily work life in an activity-based workplace easier for their employees. Meanwhile, people responsible for improving spaces get fresh data to support decision making.”

The selected Optimaze Worksense smart office solution comprises of occupancy and indoor air sensors using Sigfox IoT network connectivity, and software and native apps that collect and visualize data on a SaaS -basis. The solution makes use of Optimaze’s digital and intelligent floor plans enriched with space data.

The Finnish Tax Administration will take Optimaze Worksense into use by December 31st 2020 at its Helsinki, Kuopio and Oulu offices, and by end of March 2021 in Tampere and Turku. There are some 2500 workstations and 250 meeting rooms at these five locations in total. The solution can be expanded to include further locations in the future. There are about 5000 employees working at the Finnish Tax Administration, distributed across 60 office locations.

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