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Smart Workplace Sessions #6: How To Think About Recharging at Work

Jun 22, 2021 6:27:44 PM

Optimaze's Pontus Kihlman interviews psychotherapist Marco Kärkkäinen about the importance of  finding a balance between stress and recovery at work.

The 2021 Spring-term of the Smart Workplace Sessions webinars saw its sixth interview on Wednesday, June 16th, before going on a summer break. In this session, we spoke with psychotherapist and inventor Marco Kärkkäinen of Neurosonic about how workplaces can support employees to restore their energy reserves, pace themselves and monitor their own wellbeing. The series will continue again in the Autumn, with more powerful and compact talks with experts of the real estate, facility and workplace management industry.

We talk a lot about productivity at work, but do we understand what that means for brain work? Most knowledge workers experience daily fatigue, and the main reason is lack balance between stress and recovery. This affects our ability to handle work loads and do quality work in the long term. Smart workplaces see recharging as an integral part of the workday and its activities, that activity-based working should embrace for optimal performance.

Stress, fatigue and boosting productivity as the June topic

"How To Change How We Think About Recharging at Work" was the topic when we set out to learn more about how workplaces can support employees manage and restore their energy reserves, pace themselves across the day and monitor their own wellbeing and its impacts on stress, health and cognitive functions.

What risk factors and typical stressors -  such as "zoom fatigue" - should we watch out for? What structural, cultural or behavioral changes can we make, and what smart workplace solutions can help track energy or restore productivity levels?

Below, you'll find the link to the recording of the session with psychotherapist and inventor Marco Kärkkäinen of Neurosonic for the sixth session in our new series of workplace talks. The webinar was hosted by Pontus Kihlman, Head of Business Development, and Maija Patjas, Head of International Relations, Optimaze, Rapal.


Insights into recharging your batteries

There are two or three main ways to recharge your batteries: change your activity, change your surroundings and company, and rest. And one thing is clear: sitting on the couch and eating potato chips in the evenings, or turning to alcohol on weekends won't cut it.

Proper rest and sleep is most important - just being inactive isn’t enough to re-energize you. Your body needs to get the right kind of rest or activation to recuperate. If you do a lot of physical work, then switch to intellectual tasks and challenges, using your mind. If you do a lot of thinking and headwork, switch to more physically active tasks (e.g., stretch, stand up, take a break and walk to a different seat or location, take the stairs, activate the muscle nerves moderately without a full workout). If you work alone, find some company and have a social chat. If you talk and listen all day at work, find a place to reflect or decrease stimulus. Change is key.

We must turn to look at our central nervous system and our bodies, even down to the cellular level. When we experience stress, exhausting processes are activated in nerve cells. Stress hormones will increase our blood pressure and heart rate, creating symptoms that affect our physical, emotional, intellectual and motivational levels of energy. Holistically, we can also work the process backwards - by stimulating the body and nervous system via mechanical vibrations, we can active the recovery process in our minds and heads.

To learn more about the entire webinar series and review the recordings, click here. 

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