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Smart Workplace Sessions #3: How to Optimize Space with Tech and Workplace Data

Apr 12, 2021 3:27:42 PM

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More than 200 people signed up for the third part in the newly launched "Smart Workplace Sessions" series of webinars, making the new series an instant hit with nearly 700 registered viewers from over 40 countries. As new workplace strategies and discussions around the future of work and the office have accelerated all over the world, Optimaze had the pleasure, on March 31st, 2021, to host the seasoned workplace strategist Karin Ståhl of GoToWork, who shared her vast experience with the audience. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Fact-based decision making is needed for tailoring workplace strategies, as each organization is different. Evidence-based design is the foundation for creating a good platform for working.

How can utilization data, user feedback and other workplace metrics be used to improve the use of space, so that it is optimized for productivity, experience and efficiency? What new insights, if any, have we gained form "The Great Remote Workplace Experiment 2020?" And what of workplace strategy, real-time optimization of space use and a zero waste philosophy in real estate?

These were just a few of the questions discussed and addressed by Karin Ståhl, Workplace Strategist, CEO and Founder at GoToWork together with Pontus Kihlman, Head of Business Development, Optimaze, Rapal.

We discussed these at the strategic, tactical and operational levels:
•  Targets for optimization and future-proofing. What should we try optimize for at a strategic level?
•  The role of workplace analytics for optimizing office planning (design) and holistic workplace design
•  The role of workplace technology & data for optimizing office use and employee experience

Below you'll find a video recording of the session.

This talk is part of a series around smarter workplaces, so be sure to check out the other sessions.



A waste of space, time, money and talent? Real estate is the second largest cost in a modern business and yet is often considered a necessary, static and fixed cost. At the same time, workspaces are rarely optimized for cost, employee experience, wellbeing, productive working and environmental impact. The introduction of zero-waste philosophies, and resilient workplace strategies are still in their infancy, but could benefit both businesses and employees alike.

“I love this evidence-based way of working, because if you don't know where you are and come from, you don't know where to you are heading or want to go", says Karin Ståhl.

Creating an outstanding workplace

Both soft and hard data collection, and statistical and real-time workplace data can help to plan, create and improve on good workplace designs, and use the workplace on a daily basis in a smooth, efficient, enjoyable and sustainable way. Collecting, sharing, analyzing and using data is the basis for creating an outstanding workplace in the long-term, and a better workday experience on a daily basis.

Karin adds: "It's so so valuable to have evidence-based data to first build the design brief, and then the design program, and then to see how these can run through the whole organization on all levels as substance for change communication and engagement. Because with this kind of data, we can invite the the whole organization in developing the future workplace at a higher level, and address the behavioral part of it too, to build holistic change programs with the people side of change included.”

The webinar was hosted by Maija Patjas, Head of International Relations, Optimaze. In addition to engaging the audience with interactive live polls, Maija illustrated use cases for smart office solutions like Optimaze Worksense that workplace and real-estate professionals can leverage in their own work, when the increasing need for real-time and historical data becomes more apparent than ever before.

Redesign office space using data.

Dive deeper into leveraging data and smart tech in our next webinar 

If you'd like to dive deeper into how data and smart tech can be leveraged in facility management, tune in to the next webinar, session 4, where we speak to Fredrik Sandqvist (Head of Innovation & Service Development), and Mattias Wahlgren (Group Innovation Manager – Technology) at Coor Service Management., about “How to Leverage Smart Technology for FM Services”.


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About Karin Ståhl and GoToWork

Karin Ståhl has extensive experience of supporting organizations in the design of working methods and workplace strategies and driving processes that drive workplace development forward. Karin is the founder and owner of GoToWork, which is Sweden's leading specialists in workplace strategy. Karin has a background in organizational development, facility management and local planning. She is passionate about creating and develop effective, empowering, and sustainable workplaces.

GoToWork was founded in 2013. At GoToWork we are experts in workplace development – the smaller office relocation, as well as the broader and deeper workplace brief in preparation of a fit out or a green field project. With high competence, long experience and curiosity we strive to create empowering workplaces. Our expertise’s are within; Workplace Strategy, Workplace Change, People Change, Relocation and Project Management. Our vision is to be a sustainable company with sustainable customers, employees, and deliveries.  

Optimaze workplace solutions at a glance

We offer software and data services for professionals to develop, optimize and manage the built environment. We help you optimize your Property for People, Planet, Prosperity and Public good. We provide Smart Solutions. We help organizations increase employee satisfaction while lowering real estate costs and optimizing space use.

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