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Rapal and Posti - adding value to municipal infrastructure asset management

Apr 18, 2019 3:12:00 PM

Rapal and Posti have joined forces to offer municipalities a service that calculates debt related to maintenance of transportation routes, based on real-time, comprehensive data on surface damage to streets and roads. As a result of this cooperation, decision makers in municipalities have easy access to up-to-date information on the condition of the road network, and of future needs for maintenance and financing.

Cameras in Posti's delivery vehicles collect an up-to-date situational picture of the road network.
Posti and Rapal have entered into cooperation with the goal of making municipal asset administration easier. Every day, some 4,000 Posti vehicles generate road data all over Finland. Photo: Posti

Rapal provides municipalities with a service that calculates debt related to maintenance backlog – in other words the amount of money needed to support the management of infrastructure and maintenance planning.

Calculating maintenance backlog for transportation routes requires up-to-date information on the conditions of streets, but gathering this information can be a strenuous process for municipalities. Now the Street Data Service provided by Posti, the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland,  collects and analyzes road condition data effortlessly.

The Street Data Service produces video and machine vision analyses of the condition of streets

The Street Data Service provides road surface damage data collected during the daily mail delivery rounds. Posti's delivery vehicles produce footage on street and road surfaces from which computer vision software spots and analyzes anomalies such as potholes, surface wear and cracks. As a result, information on the condition of roads are always up to date and cost-effectively available. Using data collected by Posti, a municipality can calculate the debt related to the maintenance backlog in-house or with the assistance of Rapal experts.

"Posti focuses increasingly on providing digital services. Our Street Data service successfully combines our nationwide delivery network with technology needed for processing large amounts of data. Our partners then further process the data we have collected - an indication of the ecosystem's ability to deliver a broader value to the customer," says Tommi Pekkala, Business Manager of Posti's Data & AI Services.

Municipalities benefit from cooperation between Posti and Rapal

In addition to calculating the debt, Rapal’s maintenance backlog service Kove produces an investment plan that identifies and prioritizes the needed maintenance projects and includes an estimate of the funding required. The municipality can also perform the calculations itself using the Kove tool included in the Fore software package.

"The calculation of the maintenance backlog is an important part of municipal asset management, as it provides the municipal policy makers with reliable information on the condition and development of the infrastructure. Cooperation with Posti will ease the process for the municipalities, as the data generated by Posti can be used as the basis for calculating both the value of assets as well as the maintenance backlog," says Kalle Häyrinen, expert in asset management at Rapal.

"In the near future, you will be able to examine nearly the full range of a municipalities’ infrastructure assets in the same view. This will make for better prioritizing and more sensible use of budgeted funds," says Häyrinen, commenting on how the maintenance backlog tools are being developed.

By combining Posti's Street Data service and Rapal's maintenance backlog calculation tools, a municipality will get:

  • timely, pre-analyzed information on the condition of roads and streets
  • a cost-effective and easy method for collecting up-to-date measurement data
  • an effective tool for the planning and scheduling of repair operations
  • confirmed information on the funding required for the maintenance of assets

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