“Smart office” salon was held successfully

May 25, 2016 1:49:08 PM


On 24th of May, 2016, the “Smart office” Salon organized by Progetto CMR and Rapal was held successfully in Beijing Italian center, in which nearly 30 experts and company representatives of relevant fields have attended.

During the salon, Mr. Massimo Roj, the Founding Partner and Global CEO of Progetto CMR, has shared his understanding of smart office with the guests: “It is a new way to work, but also a new way to think the job”. The new way to work should be creative, dynamics, and organized, to satisfy all needs of interaction, communication, sharing and team working. Meanwhile the smart office brings many benefits such as increase productivity, lower labor costs, save working time and reduce the CO2 emission. Progetto has a five step  space planning strategy for the smart office: 1. Listening to client, 2. Concept design, 3. Design development, 4. Implementation, 5. Post occupancy evaluation. For the architects of Progetto CMR, the key point of smart office is not only the use of new technologies but also on the popularization of this new culture, only when the concepts of smart office root in Chinese market that all the advanced concepts and technologies can get developed.


Mr. Rainer Lund, the Head of International Sales of Rapal, explained to the audience why space utilization studies are an important part of the work environment management. The average space utilization rate for offices globally is only 40 per cent.  Rapal's work environment development consultants help organizations increase employee satisfaction while lowering real estate costs for the organization. The space utilization studies aid organisations in

1. Work Environment Development (gain hard data for promoting a case for desk sharing and for space planning, evaluate development project’s impact on space utilization)

2. Space Management (identify which spaces are under-utilized or well-used and in short supply, monitor and adapt to ever changing needs)

3. Portfolio Management (track and optimize space utilization globally and regionally, learn from best performing locations)

Rapal's Optimaze Measure, software to better utilize the space of work environment, is the perfect tool to support Progetto CMR’s Smart office concept. The cooperation of the two companies will create modern and innovative office spaces, in the meantime maximize the real estate efficiency and sustainability.

After the sharing, the free exchange and the discussions among the guests drew a satisfactory conclusion to the salon.


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