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Smart Workplace Sessions #1: Beginner's Guide to Smart Offices

Feb 10, 2021 9:59:53 AM

What are Smart Office Solutions? In the introductory segment of our webinar series Smart Workplace Sessions on February 3, 2021, we discussed how space and workplace software solutions help firms manage their space more efficiently and improve their employees’ workplace experience, while making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Over the past three years, space and workplace management have rapidly risen to the top of the corporate real estate agenda as occupiers become increasingly alert to space inefficiencies and look to enable an agile workplace. 

To drive the smarter usage of space, firms are implementing a range of technology solutions – and perhaps more importantly, smarter ways of working flexibly and sharing costly resources.

Susan Clarke, Research Director at Verdantix, Maija Patjas, Head of International Relations, Optimaze, and Pontus Kihlman, Head of Business Development, at Rapal joined forces to talk about the basics of what the smart space and workplace management software landscape has to offer. Below, please find the recoding of this webinar. 


Summary of the webinar

Susan Clarke discussed the following topics with Pontus Kihlman:

  • What is a smart office?
  •  Has interest and demand for various smart office solutions changed during 2020? In what way?
  •  Why does my firm need a smart office?
  • What are the success factors to think about when planning a smart office?
  • How can I get started?

Maija Patjas then illustrated what a smart office solution means in practice through the example of Optimaze Worksense:

  • How to Choose a Smart Office Solution
  • Features/Use Cases of a Smart Office

We hope you find this webinar recording useful and invite you to join us in the next webinars in the series!

READ MOREVerdantix in brief

Verdantix is an independent research and consulting firm with large industry expertise in among other things, smart buildings, as well as smart office technologies. Through research and advisory services Verdantix helps corporate managers, investors, technology executives and service firm leaders to make robust, fact-based decisions. 

Optimaze workplace solutions at a glance

We offer software and data services for professionals to develop, optimize and manage the built environment. We help you optimize your Property for People, Planet, Prosperity and Public good. We provide Smart Solutions. We help organizations increase employee satisfaction while lowering real estate costs and optimizing space use.

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