Vantaa successfully implemented the IWMS real estate management system

Mar 13, 2018 1:19:23 PM

In 2015, the Real Estate Center of the City of Vantaa invited companies to tender for the data system with the objective of truly developing its real estate management processes. The comprehensive system ensemble, based on Optimaze software, has been implemented within the target schedule and its first benefits can now be quantified.

The system is based on Optimaze software supplied by Rapal Oy. It has been expanded to meet Vantaa’s requirements with Granlund Oy’s Granlund Manager software for real estate services and maintenance and Gravicon Oy’s building project management, as well as Scudo Solutions Oy’s project management services.

The cooperation between Rapal and its partners provides an efficient end-to-end solution for the needs of real estate data management, internationally known as IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System).

IWMS aggregates systems and enhances activity

The tendering aimed to provide the Real Estate Center with software that would be more than just a data bank. The software should include various enterprise resource planning elements that help develop real estate management processes.

Vantaa wanted to abolish unnecessary information systems, work phases and waiting times. On the other hand, the city wanted to make use of new technology in its day-to-day operations and communication with users.

Pekka Talaskivi, senior consultant at Rapal, outlines the outcome of the solution: “It was clear at the time of the opening proceedings that the requirements set for the system at the tendering stage were so challenging that entities able to supply turnkey solutions are few and far between in Finland. As a solution to this, we formed a joint venture for the delivery project with our subcontractors, all of whom represent the absolute pinnacle of each sector. Fortunately, the functionalities required by the customer could be sensibly divided within the joint venture without any overlaps. After ensuring at the definition stage that the processes and software interfaces were compatible, the ensemble was formed into an integrated real estate management system, i.e. IWMS. In fact, it was so good that we also decided to turn it into a product for other customers, called IWMS360°.

IWMS360° is the real estate management solution for the digital age. It enables you to manage your real estate throughout its life cycle.

The IWMS solution, born from the collaboration between Rapal, Granlund, Gravicon and Scudo Solutions, is called IWMS360°. Vantaa calls the solution by the name of its main software, Optimaze.

The city of Vantaa now manages its real estate portfolio through only one login. The ensemble, called Optimaze, covers, among others, the following sectors:

  • Real estate space management
  • Rental activity
  • Real estate management and maintenance
  • Commissioning and investment planning
  • Project management and project cost management
  • Energy efficiency follow-up
  • Facilities services production management
  • Space utilization measurements
  • Lifecycle services

The initial benefits can be verified and are financially quantifiable

The City of Vantaa Real Estate Center director Pekka Wallenius and facility manager Pasi Salo are satisfied with the deployment project and the results achieved during this period.

Old systems have been abandoned gradually and now it is time to give them up for good. Optimaze has gathered together information that has previously been divided among Excel sheets, e-mails and on servers belonging to the city,” explains Wallenius.

According to Salo, Optimaze is much easier to use and more intuitive than their old system. The leasing process has also already improved as have general costs.

"The leasing process for our residential properties and business premises has become more efficient. We have generated savings worth several person-years,” says Salo, summing up.

Pasi Salo, Vantaa’s facility manager, describes the Optimaze deployment project and cooperation with Rapal on video. Read the full reference here.

Information about the City of Vantaa’s real estate has been released as open information to developers

As part of the delivery ensemble, the City of Vantaa has determined that information and results regarding real estate management shall be published freely for the use of other web services, insofar as they are public.

You can find the information on online service and download it through an open interface for use in other web services and for further processing.

Jukka Nisula, Rapal’s project manager, and Topi Korpela, Granlund’s consultant, have been pleased to participate in a project that challenges traditional modes of operation.

Open data is a clear digitalization trend that brings with it new possibilities of exploiting existing information freely for the use of society. It will be very interesting to see what kind of new innovations emerge in the real estate and building sectors in the future as the field digitalizes and opens up existing information,” notes Nisula.

Korpela adds: “I am delighted to see that the City of Vantaa has led the way and gone out boldly to fully open its property-related data reserves. The data on energy consumption, in particular, is an interesting aspect, which I am sure will enable the further development of various innovative ideas”.

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