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Smart Workplace Sessions – what’s that?

Smart Workplace Sessions is a series of powerful and compact talks with experts of the industry.

In the series we take a value-based approach to smart technologies and talk about optimizing Property for People, Planet, Profit & Public good.

Why is this for you?

We hope to inspire further discussions and actions among Property Managers, Facility Managers, Workplace Managers, Community & Office Managers, C-level leaders, People and Culture professionals and anyone interested in creating better workplace experience, real estate strategies, facility services and proptech.

Welcome to join us!

We invite you to join us on a “mission possible” to create better and smarter workplaces - where space use, employee experience, costs, environmental and business impacts are optimized for a “sustainable sweetspot” based on circular economy principles - with the help of data and technology.  


Workplace Analytics - Using data and insights for workplace strategy and design

Creating, maintaining and improving workplaces that support hybrid working and a great workplace experience, is on the agenda of most companies in 2022. The ways of working are changing dramatically, and the need and use of spaces change almost daily. Work has become a lot more dynamic and organizations increasingly distributed – leaving a big impact on the entire office sector, and what role offices play. And it’s a moving target: offices are increasingly going to be in ‘constant beta’.

In this episode, recorded in March 2022, Pontus Kihlman and Sandra Panara discuss how and why to use data for designing better workplaces and optimizing space use and real estate portfolios.

Workplace data not only helps to quantify the amount of space needed, but also drives both sustainability and cost-saving efforts. However, data is no longer as static as it used to be, and data collection is much more frequent than in the past. Real-time data is being used in day-to-day operations both by space operators, occupiers as well as employees themselves.


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Our guest speaker

Sandra Panara works as Director, Analytics, Insights & Innovation at Relogix. Sandra is also the host of the podcast “Let’s Get Real – Discussions on Workplace & Corporate Real Estate”, available on all major platforms. Do listen in on the discussions about the future for FMs and CRE, with varying expert guests. Sandra is also very active on Linkedin, where she shares her insights and latest articles for anyone interested.

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