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Manage your real estate portfolios with the Optimaze software and expert services

We offer a tool for sharing real estate data in a global organization. With all the real estate data you require in one place, it is easy and simple to develop the portfolio.

Commissioning project of a real estate portfolio

During the one-month commissioning project, we will assess the current state of your real estate portfolio. If you wish, we will gather all the real estate data on your behalf.

  • All the real estate data is always up-to-date in the SaaS-based Optimaze software.
  • Prepare for changes in your real estate portfolio and make real estate-related decisions easier.
  • Share real estate data with other units in your organization.

We will support your organization after implementation. Main user services tailored to each client and expert work commissioned separately will save your organization time and ensure that you receive the full benefits of the system.

Optimize your real estate portfolio

Do not pay for wasted space! We will help you to uncover spaces that are not fully used and to make space utilization in your organization more efficient in a sustainable manner.

  • View at a glance all data regarding space utilization, costs and environmental impacts.
  • Create alternative scenarios and examine their impact on the key figures of each building
  • View all your real estate on a map.
  • Compare scenarios in your portfolio and share them with your colleagues.

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