Furniture-as-a-Service: Circular Economy for the Workplace

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 

What we'll talk about

In this session, we'll be talking to Melanie Jones from Berkshire Hathaway company CORT [U.S.A.] and Eeva Terävä of Martela [Nordics] about the circular economy and what that means in terms of furniture for creating and maintaining proper work settings. We'll introduce you to the concept of Furniture-as-a-Service (FaaS), and how that is changing the way we think about owning resources, and keeping the workplace relevant for the ever changing needs of organizations. We'll touch on a few key concepts of what circular economy means, and how resource efficiency, renting and sharing, reuse and recycling ties into it to make better sense both economically and environmentally.

We'll bring you up-to-speed and discuss the past, present and future of how organizations procure and manage furniture. Naturally, in the theme of Smart Workplaces, we'll talk a bit about proptech, smart office solutions, employee apps, workplace analytics, data, sensors and IoT - and the role that plays in creating optimized and outstanding workplaces with shared spaces and resources. And most importantly, how FaaS enables a better workplace experience inside, and outside, the office - to create happier workplaces, even when working from home.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 

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About guest speakers


Eeva Terävä, Vice President and Head of Martela Design Studio, is responsible for Martela's consultancy and design services. Her core competence areas are user-centric research and design methods and in her five-year path in Martela she has been involved in dozens of workspace changes. As a combination of geographer and interior architect, Eeva’s spatial sense of working environments is built both on functionality and design.

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Melanie Jones is a passionate member of the Strategic Business Development team at CORT. Her mission is to support positive change in commercial real estate by sharing a new way to utilize furniture in buildings & the workplace. How? The Furniture-as-a-Service™ "subscription-like" approach is about access rather than ownership. Globally, clients have access to CORT's many millions of dollars of furniture, for as long as they need it, thereby helping people and the planet create more sustainability and expand a circular economy. 

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