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Optimaze Worksense empowers a safe return to the hybrid workplace

The Optimaze Worksense mobile app uses IoT-technology and booking features to support modern digital workplaces.

Whatever your plan for hybrid work is, we offer the tools to support the dynamic use of your office. The Optimaze Worksense App empowers employees and facility managers to plan for a controlled and safe return to the office, while offering a choice-based and connected workplace. Use your smart office solution to gain a better workplace experience, while easily collecting IoT data for continuous workplace management and improvement.

Covid-19 Return to the Office1

Covid-19 Return to the Office2

Ensure a safer return to the office. Provide employees the choice to work from home or from the office, with open and real-time data, pre-booking of desks, and management of desk & room availability.


Optimaze Worksense is an ideal tool for activity based offices.

Support FM with data

Promote hot desking and clean desk policy with real-time data on available workseats. Encourage flexible and agile work while lowering real estate costs.


Workplace experience

Make your activity-based workplace easily accessible from any device. The list of features and benefits is long.

Our sensor technology is easy and cost efficient to setup and install.

Smart solutions

Open to integrations. Simple setup. Start small and scale up.

Worksense is a smart office solution designed to serve two main purposes:

  1. REAL ESTATE PROs get easily collected data for continuous workplace management
  2. EMPLOYEES get a better workplace experience

Data-driven facility management

Manage your facility with thick data of actual space use

  • Offer your organization real-time information about available workseats with an intuitive floor plan view
  • Save on real estate costs and reduce your carbon foot print by optimizing space use
  • Enrich utilization data with observations of work activities and group sizes 
  • Use heat maps to understand which spaces attract users and which don’t
  • Gather statistics on the actual amount of remote work done

Improve your facility management

  • Collect feedback from the space users
  • Replace paper printouts of floor plans for wayfinding with Worksense lobby screens
  • Keep your floor plans in order - our space management team will make sure your floorplans are up-to-date
  • Plan moves and changes with Optimaze space management tools

The big data from IoT-based sensors is compiled in a ready-to-use report.

In Optimaze Worksense the data is presented in an easy and understandable way for you to make informed decisions on the workplace.

Make your workday run smoother and easier

Optimaze Worksense helps you have a more dynamic and flexible work environment. You have real time space availability at your fingertips.

  • Manage and communicate desk availability and daily office capacity transparently
  • Pre-designate bookable desks and spaces to ensure physical distancing
  • Proactively supervise and avoid overcrowding with real-time sensor data (optional)
  • Plan your days for remote work or office work, based on foreseeable congestions
  • Minimize and communicate unnecessary public commutes, due to fully-booked office
  • Mobile app for touchless interface to search, find, reserve & request service
  • Room pre-booking, mobile extensions & cancellations, decrease “ghost meetings”
  • See booking information for meeting rooms and other resources
  • Single-point creation of location-based service requests (IT, maintenance, cleaning etc.)
  • Gather reservation statistics for managing and improving workplace
  • Add wireless sensors for real-time data on usage and share with employees
  • Gather data to optimize space use and utilization
  • Use heat map data and usage trends
  • View real-time office indoor air quality information by adding wireless sensors (optional)
  • Gather indoor air data for analysis, reporting and optimization
  • Allocate service efforts to where most needed by sharing data with FM
  • Scales easily and fast, from single rooms to global portfolios
  • View real-time parking availability, using sensor data (optional)
  • Scale up to full “Flow package”, to include eg. real-time waiting time info at lunch restaurants
  • Multiple languages, Metric and Imperial units, Optimized for color blindness

Worksense Indoor Climate Sensor Data Visualized on a Digital Floorplan

Benefits of Optimaze Worksense

1. Empower Flex Work & Activity-Based Working

  • Support employee autonomy, self-management and a trust-based culture
  • Reopen buildings, manage capacity, enable desk booking
  • Empower productive work based on preferences and work modes
  • Find the right available work setting that works for you

2. Make Evidence-Based Decisions with Data

  • Collect IoT data for informed management of real estate
  • Enable a safer, gradual and staggered return to the office
  • Involve staff in developing your workspaces. Collect feedback on things that don’t work.
  • Use data for daily real-time decisions. Prefer it warm or cold? Use visualized sensor data on temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide. Need a free space quick? See traffic lights.

3.  Improve Workday Experience & Eliminate Daily Friction

  • Wayfinding around the campus seeking resources, places and routes
  • Searching & finding available work desks & spaces
  • Booking and releasing meeting rooms on the go
  • Selecting spaces based on indoor air quality preferences
  • Finding free parking spots
  • Reporting tech & other issues quickly, to be fixed
  • Requesting services
  • Avoiding wasting lunch time on queueing

4. Save Space, Money, Time & Stress

  • Save on wasted space and real-estate costs
  • Optimize spaces and redesign offices to better serve your company
  • Visualize "no-shows“ and free up rooms - do more with less
  • Stop wasting employee work time from looking and booking

5. Minimize Carbon Footprint, Fight Climate Change

  • Optimized and shared workplaces can mean less space per employee, which means less energy use (heating, cooling etc.) per person. Use data to optimize space, costs, experience, functionality and the environmental impact
  • Flexible, dispersed, remote and mobile working can imply less daily commuting
  • Utilization data enables real estate users to develop multi-user, multi-purpose spaces that can be better used by different user groups 24/7/365.





Optimaze Worksense has an easy-to-use interface based on a floor plan view. It works just as well on your desktop browser, lobby screens and smart phone.

Key Integrations

  • SSO (Single sign-on) Microsoft and Google

  • Calendars: Exchange, Office 365 (soon: Google Calendar)

  • 100% SaaS, hardware-agnostic platform

  • Native mobile app support for iOS, Android

  • Connects to market-leading sensor and IoT technology, e.g. Sigfox, Connected Inventions (Detectify, AirWits), Xovis, Yanzi, and optical camera sensors (eg. PointGrab, JAS)

  • Digital signage, wayfinding screens and Info TV’s

  • Available via browsers on laptops

  • IWMS integration: manage costs, spaces, lease and service agreements, environmental impacts, users, workplace experience of entire real estate portfolio with Optimaze IWMS modules

Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors are fast and easy to install

Optimaze Worksense can be used with any IoT sensor*. To ensure quality solutions that don’t require integrations we partner with the best in class technology partners such as Connected Inventions and Sigfox partners around the world.

Connected Inventions sensors track space availability as well as indoor air quality. Sensors have been carefully designed to perform optimally in working environments – ensuring data quality and functionality in different types of spaces and workstations. 

* We have a solution that is manufacturer independent – ask for more information about the sensors you are already using or about co-operation if you are a manufacturer.


Set up a smart office in just 1 day

Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors are fast to install, and booking features easy to take into use

No wires or strings attached.

Book a demo and learn how Optimaze Worksense can improve your workplace experience, start collecting data, and help you get a peace of mind!

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