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Worksense empowers hybrid work and optimizing the workplace

The Optimaze Worksense smart office solution empowers employees and facility managers to plan, implement and monitor a coordinated use of the office. Worksense makes your employees' work day run smoother and easier by offering mobile tools for pre-booking desks or sending service requests - and much more.  

By adding on other Worksense service options, such as IoT sensors that measure the actual use of workstations, meeting rooms and indoor air quality, you can automatically collect real-time space utilization data to optimally manage and improve the workplace.

 Viewing available workspaces and booking your preferred workdesk or meeting room can be done on lobby screens as well as your mobile phone.


Get set for hybrid work in just one day - at the cost of just a cup of coffee per month, per employee!

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With Worksense you can

  • Limit and communicate office capacity
  • Determine adequate safety distances
  • Optimize the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises
  • Enable service requests and feedback
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The benefits of using Worksense:

  • Promotes sense of safety and assures availability of work desks
  • Proactively prevents overcrowding in office
  • Data-based decision making on space management issues - savings!

Analyze your office space usage with real time data - and get  fast, visual and interactive reporting for workplace management.

10 reasons to choose Worksense

Manage your facility with data on actual space use

  • Manage daily space capacity with real-time space usage data.
  • Save on space costs and reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing space usage.
  • Use heat maps to understand which spaces attract users and which do not.
  • Optimize cleaning according to usage or pre-bookings, and fix problems with location-based service requests.
  • Collect statistics on the actual amount of remote work.
  • Collect space usage data by observing office activities and group sizes.

Improve your facility management

  • Collect feedback from facility users.
  • Replace paper floor plan guides with Worksense lobby screens.
  • Keep your floor plans in order. Our drawing teams and experts make sure they are up to date.
  • Plan and manage office relocations and space changes with Optimaze space management tools.

Worksense mobile app offers tools - including pre-booking of work desk - to make your workday run smoother.

Offer your employees a smoother and easier workday experience

Optimaze Worksense helps you provide a more dynamic and flexible work environment for your organization. Thanks to a simple and clear-cut mobile application with desk booking and meeting room reservations, service requests and maintenance issue reporting, as well as digital floor plans to help navigation, employees can make better use of their activity-based work environment. Information on the availability of various workspaces can also be viewed on lobby screens, information boards and your laptop. Taking the Optimaze Worksense app into use is effortless, and  support for both iOS and Android mobile apps is provided in the local language.

Smart technology and fast, easy installation - use with any IoT sensor

As a vendor-independent solution, the Optimaze Worksense SaaS software service can be connected to any IoT sensor. To ensure high quality solutions that don’t require integrations we partner with the best in class technology partners such as Connected Inventions and Sigfox Partners around the world.

Connected Inventions' sensors measure both space usage and air quality. The sensors are designed to work seamlessly in all facilities and workstations.

Key Integrations

  • SSO (Single sign-on) Microsoft and Google

  • Calendars: Exchange, Office 365 (coming soon: Google Calendar)

  • Connects to market-leading sensor and IoT technology, from available-parking sensors to  queuing time info for lunch restaurants

  • Digital signage, wayfinding screens and Info TV’s

  • IWMS integration: manage the costs, spaces, lease and service agreements, environmental impacts, users, and workplace experience of your entire real estate portfolio with Optimaze IWMS modules.

Want to hear more?

Book a free 30 minute demo and our experts will contact you. We also regularly host free live demos and webinars on smart office solutions - follow our events and get involved.


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