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Workplace analytics with Optimaze Measure

Optimaze Measure is your solution for project-based space utilization studies. Use battery-driven sensors, or our tablet-based observational tool Active for collecting data - or combine the two. Observation is an affordable and quick method for measuring the utilization rate of your workplace at peak hour use and for collecting data on work activities and group formation. For more continuous data sets, you can opt to use occupancy sensorsgiving more precise utilization data in spaces with frequent situational changes.

Measurement results can be filtered to show how workstations, ad-hoc seats, quiet rooms, meeting rooms and other spaces are used and whether their capacity matches your organization's needs. Optimaze Measure can be used to measure utilization rates in offices, schools and laboratories, among others. 

Optimaze Measure Benefits

  • Flexible, fast and easy way to measure space utilization
  • Real-time automated reports
  • No devices to install
  • Cost efficient
  • Identifies also reserved workspaces and work methods
  • Enables internal, corporate level or global benchmarking
  • Works well with sensor technology

Read our blog 10 +1 reasons to measure office space utilization to learn more.

HubSpot Video
Optimaze Measure is truly as easy to use as this video shows. As a new feature, you can now also observe activities at the same time.

Activity observation records work activities

During the space utilization study, you can also gather real time data on the daily activities taking place in your organization. Combining workplace occupancy information with the activity observation results allows you to see how fit for purpose your workspaces actually are. You can then use these results to develop your work environment to better support daily work.   

Space utilization measurement with Optimaze Measure is easy and intuitive

Measure is an easy and intuitive tool to use. Just select the workseat and add the right activity type. You can choose what kind of activities you want to observe.

Enrich your data with a personnel survey - You will have information for a baseline space plan

By conducting a web based survey, you can find out how your staff views their working environment and how satisfied they are with it.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Use the results together with space utililization analytics to define an optimal working environment. Allowing the employee voice to be heard from the beginning supports the communication and change management processes.

Your organization will have concrete information on:

  • Work profiles
  • Space usage
  • Current and desired ways of working
  • Connectivity of different business units
  • Technologies used
  • Readiness for change, main obstacles and most important development needs 
  • Data to create a solid business case for the development project
  • A set of metrics to evaluate the success of the change

How to get your workplace project started

Use our tools or buy the project as a Workplace Analysis service done by our workplace professionals.

A Workplace Analysis can be completed in 3-4 weeks or less without influencing your company's daily operations. Your customized final report includes workplace planning recommendations and baseline space scenarios.

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