Analyze your space utilization rate with Optimaze Measure

Optimaze Measure is an affordable and quick method for measuring the utilization rate of your workplace. It can also be used together with occupancy sensorsgiving even more precise data.

The measurements will show how workstations, ad-hoc seats, quiet rooms, meeting rooms and other spaces are used and whether their capacity matches your organization's needs. Optimaze Measure can be used to measure utilization rates in offices, schools and laboratories, among others. 

Why should you conduct a space utilization study?

It will help you to increase employee satisfaction and lower your costs.

According to our global Optimaze Workplace Review, on average 54% of workstations are utilized. At the same time, the cost of space can be the second largest cost in the company’s balance sheet. There is a huge gap between ways of work and the current design of space. You can improve you workplace management thanks to a utilization study: you will gain, among other things, an  understanding of how your employees currently work, what the differences between business units are and where possibilities for improvement lie.

Read our blog 10 +1 reasons to measure office space utilization to learn more. 

Activity observation records work activities

During the space utilization study, you can also gather real time data on the daily activities taking place in your organization. Combining workplace occupancy information with the activity observation results allows you to see how fit for purpose your workspaces actually are. You can then use these results to develop your work environment to better support daily work.   

Space utilization measurement with Optimaze Measure is easy and intuitive

Measure is an easy and intuitive tool to use. Just select the workseat and add right activity type. You can choose what kind of activities you want to observe.

Real time reporting

Based on the measured utilization and activity data, Optimaze Measure produces versatile space utilization reports and key figures. You can easily access the statistics on the Optimaze Measure dashboard, where you can also publish them to other stakeholders. The results are presented in visual graphs, offering both a quick overview and more detailed information.

Optimaze Measure Benefits

  • The most flexible, fastest and easiest way to measure space utilization
  • Enables internal, corporate level or global benchmarking
  • Real-time automated reports
  • No devices to install
  • Cost efficient
  • More effective than pen and paper
  • Identifies reserved workspaces and work methods
  • Works well with sensor technology 

“Without Optimaze Measure, justifying such a radical change would have been difficult.” Vice President, Country Real Estate Manager Heikki Karvanen, ABB

Read ABB China's case!


Watch video on how to run a space utilization study 

Optimaze Measure is truly as easy to use as this video shows. As a new feature, you can now also observe activities at the same time.


Continuous space utilization study

The evolution in the way of working begins only after you have finished your space changes or implemented an activity based work program. It takes time for people to learn how to best use the different spaces. In addition, the ways we work, or business unit configurations, for example, are changing much faster than the traditional office floor plans.

To ensure productivity, it is crucial that people have the right kinds of workspaces. Ideally, you should conduct space utilization studies periodically, at least twice a year. These will help you identify potential bottlenecks (e.g., not enough silent rooms) and put some of those less utilized areas into better use.

We provide both  IoT-based sensor solutions as well as observation software. Ask us about a continuous subscription – whether it is for your HQ or for your global portfolio. Continuous space utilization measurements are key to ensuring a successful physical environment for your employees.

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