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Utilizing floor plans in third-party applications

The aim of our KIRA-digi project is to develop

  • an interface to Optimaze software through which third-party developers can use the digital floor plans of properties in the system in their own applications
  • the View3er library, which can be used to present floor plans. With the library, it is possible to utilize the navigations expanded by Rapal in third-party applications

Our development project will enable the use of up-to-date floor plan graphics in the applications of enterprises whose core business does not involve floor plan maintenance. This also means that the end customer does not have to pay for maintenance of one and the same floor plan in different systems.

Goal: making broader use of graphic floor plan data

Our aim is to facilitate the use of graphic data and lower the threshold for creating an application that uses the floor plans offered by the Optimaze Floor Plan Platform.

The Optimaze Floor Plan Platform is shown in the picture below. The sections to be developed in the KIRA-digi project are highlighted and cover parts 2 (Public interface) and 3 (View3r library) of the Platform.


What is KIRA-digi?

We receive support for development from the KIRA-digi project, which is the Government's key project for renewing the property and construction sector through digitalization.

KIRA-digi boosts the digitalization of the built environment and the construction sector. The goal of the pilot projects is to:

  1. accelerate the change in operating methods in the sector
  2. support the testing of models and development paths
  3. put solutions into practice
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