Increase workplace design efficiency with Optimaze Workplace Analysis

With the Optimaze Workplace Analysis you can create the optimal workplace to meet your company’s needs.

You will get data on your organization's current and future ways of working and be able to create a business case and a starting point for repurposing your work environment.

Combining information on space utilization, ways of work and technologies used can result in up to 50% more efficient workplace design compared to traditional methods. It also ensures that the new design is built on solid, factual information.

When should you conduct a workplace analysis?

  • Before a renovation / remodeling
  • Before starting to look for a new space
  • Before renegotiating your lease
  • After an organizational change
  • After a company merger
  • To create an alternative scenario or to validate the architect's design

Optimaze Workplace Analysis tool

Optimaze Workplace Analysis is a workplace planning service that uses space utilization data, employee preference inputs and a design calculator designed by Rapal to determine current space efficiency, employee work practices and identify opportunities to create enhanced work environments.

A workplace analysis can be completed in 3-4 weeks or less without influencing your company's daily operations. Your customized final report includes workplace planning recommendations and baseline space scenarios that can impact your company's workplace planning and design strategies.

If you are a workplace consultant, you can use Optimaze Workplace Analysis data to create a comprehensive project plan that identifies the key challenges and outlines the possibilities for a workplace development case. The results act as a great starting point for in-depth interviews or workshops with the employees.

Benefits of Optimaze Workplace Analysis

  • A fast and cost effective service to understand the company’s optimal space needs
  • Objective data from utilization and ways of work are a necessity for creating a fact based starting point on the organization’s needs
  • Allows the employee voice to be heard from the beginning
  • Creates a set of metrics to evaluate the success of the change program
  • Supports the communication and change management processes

"All the expertise, effectiveness and the usability of the results was top class."

Financial Director / International logistics company

A baseline space plan as an outcome

As a result of the Workplace analysis, your organization will have information on:

  • Work profiles
  • Connectivity of different business units
  • Current and desired ways of working
  • Technologies used
  • Readiness for change – differences between business units
  • Main obstacles and most important development needs in order to implement an activity based work program
  • Data to create a solid business case for the development project

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