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Optimize your workplace

A smart and flexible work environment with a great workplace experience is a competitive factor that increases your company’s productivity and employee wellbeing. Workplace managers in turn strive to make resilient real estate decisions, save on costs and reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing space use. Our tools and services help diagnose, develop and discover great workplaces.

We aim to transform work environments towards more flexible and smarter solutions such as activity based working. Benefits of offering flexible work arrangements are:

  • recruiting the best talent from anywhere, regardless of location
  • increasing organizational performance
  • saving on real estate costs and reducing carbon foot print by optimizing space use
  • reducing the number of sick days and absenteeism
  • lowering turnover of high value employees

Tools and services for your workspaces

Our workplace solutions are based on our two main tools:  

Besides office environments, our tools can be used in other workplaces, too, such as schools.

Optimaze Worksense, prebook your workseat before arriving at the office.

Optimaze Worksense benefits the whole organization in a practical manner. IoT-based sensors measure space utilization and bring real-time data of free work spaces for employees. Read more about Worksense here.

Our customer is anyone with a desire to improve the workplace. Read more about how we can help you improve the workplace experience:

Space utilization measurement with Optimaze Measure is easy and intuitive

Measure is an easy and intuitive tool to use. Just select the workseat and add the right activity type. You can choose what kind of activities you want to observe. Read more about the tool here

Facility management on a large scale

If your needs are not limited to workplace change projects only, please take a look what else we can offer to your organisation. Optimaze is a modular real estate management system including:

  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Space management
  • Financial and lease management
  • IWMS solution

And much more. Read all about Optimaze here.

Our workplace solutions for you

CEO, Facility manager, HR leader

Are you a workplace manager of a large organization, looking for flexible tools to lead the workplace? Are you looking to improve employee collaboration and well-being, increase creativity and productivity while reducing the cost of unused space? You can lead what you measure.

Strategic workplace management is a systematic and determined process that aims to empower organizations by continuously optimizing their workplace performance. An on-going process of planning, doing, measuring and improving will create flexible and future-proof workplace solutions that enable organizational success in an ever-changing world. Whether you need data for evidence-based designs, or to support cultural change efforts by bringing facts for a workplace redesign, we can help you.

Workplace consultants, interior designers, architects, building owners

Partner with us for better workplace development projects

  • Are you searching for tried-and-tested workplace management tools to help serve your customers even better?
  • Do you want to expand your service scope easily without investing a lot of time, money, and effort on development and maintenance?
  • Do you need adaptable and value-adding ways to connect with new customers and offer your services?

Partner with us and get direct access to our advanced Optimaze workplace management solutions and a broader service palette you can tailor to meet your customers' needs. In addition to our tools and services, as a partner you get our support throughout the process.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or to hear more, please contact us. You can also book a live demo and we can continue our discussions from there. 

Developers of learning environments

Learning environments are the workplace of the future workforce – therefore, we work closely with schools, universities and other educational institutes. 

We help you turn classrooms into modern and flexible learning environments

In today’s modern schools, innovative space solutions must support collaboration and teamwork, as well as individual and remote ways of working. Space planning helps create an inspiring, versatile and flexible environment.  Learning takes place not only on the school’s own premises, but also in other built environments as well as digital learning environments.

Read our guide and be inspired!

We've created this guide together with Martela. It is free and you can read it immediately.

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In today’s modern schools, classrooms can be altered for different activities and needs. Picture: Martela
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