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A functioning work environment is a competitive factor that increases productivity and the wellbeing of employees. For over twenty years, we have been developing solutions for creating better workplaces. Our aim is to help organizations as well as the entities that design workplaces to make smarter decisions and as a result invest in people rather than just walls.

Our workplace development methods are based on decades of expertise in transforming work environments towards more flexible solutions such as activity based working. Benefits of offering flexible work arrangements are:

  • the ability to recruit the best talent from anywhere, regardless of location
  • increase organizational performance
  • reduce the number of sick days and absenteeism
  • lower turnover of high value employees

Tools and services for your workspaces

Our workplace solutions include:  

Besides office environments, our tools can be used in other workplaces, too, such as schools.

Our customer is anyone with a desire to improve the workplace. Whether you are a CEO, HR leader or perhaps a workplace consultant, a work environment that allows employees to thrive should be high on your agenda.

Read more about how we can help you improve the workplace experience:

Optimaze Worksense has an easy-to-use interface based on a floor plan view. It works just as well on your desktop browser, lobby screens and smart phone.

Optimaze Worksense benefits the whole organization in a practical manner. IoT-based sensors measure space utilization and bring real-time data of free work spaces for employees. Read more about Worksense here.

Benefits of working with us

We are a group of experts, highly motivated to offer the best possible customer service flexibly around the world.  

Our tools for analyzing, managing and developing your premises are user-friendly and extremely fast to deploy. We provide expert support for projects globally and we are active in global workplace networks (e.g., Workplace Evolutionaries).

We also investigate and analyze workplace changes annually to ensure we have the best available knowledge to share with our customers and partners.  Learn more about our benchmark research and download the results on the Optimaze Workplace Review page.

And should you need local support for a change project or design, contact us. We will  connect you with a partner near you.

Facility management on a large scale

If your needs are not limited to workplace change projects only, please take a look what else we can offer to your organisation. Optimaze is a modular real estate management system including:

  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Space management
  • Financial and lease management
  • IWMS solution

And much more. Read all about Optimaze here.

Our workplace solutions to you:

CEO, Facility manager, HR leader

Are you a workplace manager of a large organization, looking for flexible tools to lead the workplace? Are you looking to improve employee collaboration and well-being, increase creativity and productivity while reducing the cost of unused space? You can lead what you measure.

Strategic workplace management is a systematic and determined process that aims to empower organizations by continuously optimizing their workplace performance. An on-going process of planning, doing, measuring and improving will create flexible and future-proof workplace solutions that enable organizational success in an ever-changing world. Whether you need data for evidence-based designs, or to support cultural change efforts by bringing facts for a workplace redesign, we can help you.

Workplace consultants, interior designers, architects, building owners

Are you on the lookout for new tools and services to create added value for your customers and to attract new ones as well? In a project-based work environment, a smart way to offer quality and agile services to customers without putting a strain on your own organization’s resources is to partner with a reliable, global expert. As an industry leader, we offer a mix of tools and services, tailored to meet both our partners’ as well as their customers’ needs.

Our partners have access to our workplace development tools and services and can offer them to their own customers. In addition to the Optimaze software, partners receive our support throughout the process. Find out more about what it means to be a Rapal Partner.

Developers of learning environments

Learning environments are the “workplace” of the future workforce – therefore, we work closely with schools, universities and other educational institutes. Find out more about how we help to develop learning environments.

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