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Worksense is a smart workplace solution that
empowers people to come together,
and flexibly share spaces in a smart and sustainable way

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Maximize experience and eliminate waste

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Offer your employees a smoother and easier workday experience​

Optimaze Worksense is a world-class smart office solution designed to serve two main target groups:

  1. PEOPLE AND TEAMS get a frictionless workplace experience with modern tools, real-time data and interactive features, that also support community building and collaboration at the office.
  2. WORKPLACE PROFESSIONALS get easily collected data for continuous workplace management and improvement, and a digital channel for offering facility and hospitality services.

Optimaze Worksense helps you provide a more dynamic and flexible work environment for your organization to find people and places. Thanks to a simple and clear-cut mobile application with desk booking and meeting room reservations, service requests and maintenance issue reporting, as well as digital floor plans to help navigation, employees can make better use of their activity-based work environment. Information on the availability of various workspaces can also be viewed on lobby screens, information boards and your laptop. Taking the Worksense app into use is effortless, and  support for both iOS and Android mobile apps is provided in the local language.

Learn more here about what Worksense is, and what it does:

Solution overview
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Key features for building a smart workplace


Most of us work with different needs across each day. Some days at the head office, others, at some other location. Optimaze Worksense is among the world’s most attractive mobile interfaces for accessing the digital twins of your offices, and a great workplace experience with the push of a button.
  • Mobile app for touchless interface to search, find and book desks, rooms and parking spaces. Native mobile app support for iOS, Android.
  • Digital signage, wayfinding screens and Info TV’s with digital floorplans for wayfinding and communication of real-time data on utilization and indoor air comfort levels
  • Easy tool for location-specific service requests to facility management (IT, maintenance, cleaning etc.).
  • Scalable to include eg. real-time waiting time info for lunch restaurants to save lunchtime
  • Multiple languages, metric and imperial units, optimized for color blindness.
  • Scales easily and fast, from single rooms to global portfolios, 100% SaaS, hardware-agnostic platform, externally security audited data management
  • Other: SSO (Single sign-on) Microsoft and Google, Calendars (Exchange, Office 365), accessible via browsers on laptops.
  • Connects to market-leading sensor and IoT technology.


Find the right package to use, manage, analyze and optimize your workplace -
and scale up quickly as you learn and grow

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The Workplace in your Pocket

Get started with offering flexibility and choice, and managing a safe use of space. When you want a simple "software-only" solution that helps the organization get started with sharing desks, finding their way, and help people get together. The essentials for improving daily workplace experience and roughly understanding how people use your offices​. Change of work culture starts here.


  • Mobile app, browser and kiosk access
  • Desk booking for self, colleague or visitor
  • People finder on floor plans
  • See who plans to be at the office
  • Digital and interactive floor plans
  • Space names and labels for wayfinding
  • Dynamic management of bookable capacity
  • Analytics for desk booking data
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Help center and tutorials
  • SLA (8-16 EET)

    + IoT sensor test kit (30-day trial)
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The Smart Workplace solution

Best value: Free your people from desks, and free up your wasted space. This option will pay itself back many times over in real estate cost savings. Gather hard usage data and service tickets, for FM operations and strategic workplace decisions. Optimize your space needs and carbon footprint based on facts. Improve office design, maintenance and workplace experience with one solution.


  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Meeting room booking (integration)
  • Service requests (integration)
  • Live occupancy & IAQ visualization
  • IoT Occupancy sensors (selected)
  • IoT Indoor air quality sensors (selected)
  • IoT Parking sensors (selected)
  • Utilization analytics from sensors
  • IAQ data (temp, humidity, CO2, TVOC)
  • Workplace heat map analytics
  • Highest time and space data resolution
  • Data retention 2 years
  • Location-based service tickets via app
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The Full Workplace Experience

Maximize your workplace experience. Use the full potential of real-time data in a smart office solution for creating a dynamic and shared workplace. This workplace experience platform has enterprise level features and support. Occupiers and building owners with complex permission and user management requirements, multiple locations and high service level needs - check this out.


  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Live restaurant queuing times
  • IoT device integrations (non-standard)
  • Customized reporting
  • Customized data retention
Ask for details

Want to hear more? Put on your helmet, we're about to go deep into space management! Book 30 minutes in your calendar for sparring with us - time to launch into the great unknown and find some answers. We are happy to help you think about how you could optimize your facilities, save money and improve your job satisfaction!

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Key Integrations

  • SSO (Single sign-on) Microsoft and Google
  • Calendars: Exchange, Office 365

  • Connects to market-leading sensor and IoT technology, from available-parking sensors to  queuing time info for lunch restaurants

  • Native mobile apps for Android and iOS, and web browser user-interface

  • Digital signage, wayfinding screens and Info TV’s

  • IWMS integration: manage the costs, spaces, lease and service agreements, environmental impacts, users, and workplace experience of your entire real estate portfolio with other Optimaze platform modules and solutions. Ask for more information on our lease management solution EG Optimaze Lease and our corporate real estate management solution EG Optimaze Core.

Let us help you create a smart workplace experience

and to lead with workplace analytics


Smart technology and fast, easy installation

Probably the fastest set up on the market. Optimaze Worksense battery powered occupancy and air quality sensors are fast to install in spaces and under desks, and the booking features easy to take into use. To ensure high quality solutions that don’t require tailored integrations, we partner with the best in class device and connectivity partners around the world.

As a vendor-independent solution, the Optimaze Worksense SaaS software service can be connected to other types of sensors too, including parking sensors, counters and cameras.

Safe and secure

We are trusted by some of the world's most demanding real-estate owners and customers. Software made in Finland, with sleek Nordic design, high tech know-how, and secure data management. With our externally security audited data management and storage, GDPR compliant privacy protection, customizable opt-in/opt-out settings and multiple backups of our cloud-based service - your data is safe with us.

SSO helps your organization manage logins, and keep the users happy. You can provide users access via web browsers, audited native mobile apps and physical info-kiosks around the building - as you need.


Worksense data

Superior support for launching your space exploration


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Support in your own language in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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Interactivity on several channels (chat, phone, self-service, e-mail...)

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Electronic service portal and support system.

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Real-time customer service status available.

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From the service portal, the user can search for information on the support and help website (self-service / FAQ).

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Send new support requests and review previous support requests made by the user.

Works well with other Optimaze solutions

Worksense is built on the EG Optimaze platform, and is easy to scale to also include other solutions that a real estate professional might need. We offer anything from project-based tools to strategic and operational space, cost and lease management software solutions.

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EG Optimaze Core

EG Optimaze Core is a modular, easy-to-use software that gathers together all your real estate portfolio data on facilities and working environments together in one place. Manage spaces, registers, resources, costs, service contracts and more. With Optimaze Core, your organization is always prepared for the changing needs of your real estate portfolio. 

Read more

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Space utilization studies

When your organization isn't quite ready to use smart office solutions for sharing space, and workplace analytics is all you need - occupancy studies may be enough, for now. To make the case for change. If right-sizing your office spaces, minimizing carbon footprint, lowering your energy costs and minimizing risks on your lease commitments are on the agenda, your journey could start here.

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