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Rapal's personal e-mail addresses will change on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

As part of the Nordic SaaS solutions provider Ørn Software, Rapal will change all personal email addresses, when we begin using our new corporate email domain Read more

Remote working

Blog: Back to a Hybrid Future - The Return to Distributed & Flexible Work

"How do we get started with hybrid working?" and "When can we go back to work, back to the office, back to business as usual?" These questions are on the lips of many. But will we return to the "old ways of working"?  Read blog

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Free webinars: Smart Workplace Sessions 

Smart Workplace Sessions is a new webinar series with powerful and compact talks with experts of the industry. We take a value-based approach to smart technologies, and talk about optimizing property for the QBL (quadruple bottom-line: People, Planet, Profit & Public good) in a sustainable way, by connecting the “Bits”, “Bricks” & “Brains” that make up the workplace. Read more and register for next webinar here >>

Real estate management

Optimaze provides both software and consulting services to help our customers optimally manage buildings and facilities through precise information. Read more

Workplace solutions

We help organizations increase employee satisfaction while lowering real estate costs. Read more

Infrastructure cost management

Fore is a service package designed to manage the costs of infrastructure projects over their entire life cycle. Read more

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What our clients say about us

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"The lease process for our apartments and business premises has become more efficient. We have generated savings worth several person-years. As a project leader, Rapal's performance has been excellent. It has been good working with them, and we will definitely continue our cooperation for years to come."

Pasi Salo

Business Premises Manager / The City of Vantaa

“Space management was taken to a new level after the sensors were installed in the premises. This is a heaven for facility managers, and many challenges have been overcome. I asked Rapal’s expert to generate a report based on Worksense data to see how many work seats had actually been used by someone during the working day, as it was not possible to know this based solely on visual observation. That very same day, I received a report which stated that the space had 200 empty chairs every day. Previously, we would have rented more space, but now only minor arrangements were required to accommodate employees using the existing work seats.”

Erkko Malinen

Senior Manager, Facility & Premises Services / Outotec

"Cost calculation is now easier, because planners can trust the prices listed in Fore. All calculations are saved and found in the same place now that they are centralized in one system. Our clients often demand the use of Fore or another similar system so that they can have comparable calculations and trace the cost information."

Mikko Seppälä

Planning Manager / Sito