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Smart Workplace Sessions Webinar Series

#9. Work-Near-Home: The Case for Distributed Workplaces
Wednesday, October 27, 2021- two same-content webinars

Smart Workplace Sessions is a new webinar series with powerful and compact talks with experts of the industry.

In this series we take a value-based approach to smart technologies, and talk about optimizing property for the QBL (quadruple bottom-line: People, Planet, Profit & Public good) in a sustainable way, by connecting the “Bits”, “Bricks” & “Brains” that make up the workplace.

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Live open demos (via Teams) - Optimaze Worksense smart office

October 28

Join us for our open and free demo session. Maija Patjas will demonstrate how to use Optimaze Worksense smart office to improve employee’s workday and how collected data can help workplace managers optimize the office environment. After the demo you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the technology, implementation, functionalities. You name it!

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