Fore - stay within budget

Infrastructure projects often exceed their budgets. Fore’s tested cost assessment methods and updated price lists guarantee that you receive reliable and real-time information to help you make decisions.

Fore is used by over 30 cities and municipalities, the Finnish Transport Agency, and ELY centres. Dozens of companies use Fore for infrastructure cost planning.

Fore consists of four applications Hola, Rola, Scope and Arena.

Six reasons to choose Fore:

  • Calculate a realistic budget for your infrastructure project
  • Have access to up-to-date price information and the best calculation methods
  • Save resources in planning and calculation of costs
  • Increase the transparency and reliability of cost assessments
  • Standardize cost assessment methods
  • Share cost assessments effortlessly

"The biggest benefit of Fore is the time it saves."

The City of Pori calculates the costs of its street plans with Fore.

Hola: Objective budget calculation

Hola contains the methods and price lists used to determine a price for the objectives of a project.

Rola: Cost assessment of plans

Rola is used to assess how planned costs measure up against project objectives. The application contains methods and price lists for compiling a plan cost assessment.

Scope: Project planning

Scope is a project planning application for determining and illustrating the aims, requirements and border conditions of a project.

Arena: Project comparisons and summaries

Arena is used to compile comparisons and summaries of an organization’s calculations.


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