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Finland's largest facility management organization selected the Optimaze space management solution

Mar 4, 2019 12:11:04 PM

Rapal Oy's Optimaze space management system has been selected by the Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management to help manage the real estate needs of Finland's 18 counties. When Finland's reform of social and health care services comes info effect, the Centre will be the largest single facility management organization in Finland.

The Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management, a national service center established as part of Finland's regional government, health and social services reform, tendered out the facility management system and selected Rapal as the provider. The procured SaaS based Optimaze software solution has a wide range of features from space management to lease management. Rapal also supplies system support, maintenance and expert services.

new.calcus.comwp-contentuploads201901Rapal-1Kai Patja, head of the Optimaze business unit and Mikko Heikkinen, Optimaze sales manager work together with the Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management as well as municipalities.

The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management aims for state of the art solution 

The Centre is tasked with the management of all future real estate needs of the counties from special health care and social services facilities to health centres, rescue stations and offices. 

“The management of more than 65 million square feet (6 million square meters) will be transferred from municipalities to counties. Municipalities will rent facilities to the Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management," explains Kai Patja, director of the Optimaze business unit.

“The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management is in a unique situation: we are able to create our entire space management system from scratch and develop our activities to meet future needs with the help of a modern system solution. The system we selected offers tools for effective facility management and it supports the digitalization of the Centre's services well,” says Ari Maaninen, CIO of the Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management.

Preparing municipalities for the change

"In the near future, the municipalities will rent out their social and health care facilities, and the systems must be ready to cope. Municipalities will have to optimize their real estate portfolio, and the importance of planning for the future is highlighted," says Patja.

Patja explains how, as part of the inventory process, the municipalities have imported data on their social and healthcare facilities into the Optimaze system.

Optimaze sales manager Mikko Heikkinen works together with the municipalities and engages in continuous dialogue with municipal decision makers on a variety of matters, including the challenges of real estate management.

As an example he mentions how Rapal maintains digital floor plans of customers' facilities, a task that requires expertise. "Organizations evaluate which tasks call for in-house personnel and which can be outsourced. This frees up time for core activities, which, in the case of the municipalities, is providing services for their residents."

"Professional real estate management requires the support of a modern information system. The Optimaze space management software allows you to view all your facilities as informative digital floor plans. Linking floor plans with up-to-date information on the use of the facilities makes it easier to manage real estate information and to create reports."

"The customer can update their own information, or we can provide assistance. Typically, we modify and finalize the drawings and import them into the system. We also update the floor plans as changes occur," Heikkinen says .

"The graphic presentation of the floor plan is a very important tool, because the visuals provide a clear, over-all view of the facilities, and give users concrete information," he adds.

Modern software and service sales and development are largely about sharing knowledge and identifying customer challenges, working together. Rapal's versatile Optimaze real estate management software offers precise information on buildings and facilities for decision-making, tailored to the needs of each customer.  

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