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Smart Workplace Session #10: Flexibility & Choice as Workplace Strategy

Nov 15, 2021 11:49:32 AM

Responsible management of real estate assets, while empowering workers to productively create the best possible public services effectively, was at the heart of the 10th webinar in our Smart Workplace Sessions series, when we spoke with Kasper Fabritius, Head of Solution Sales, Sales and Marketing Manager at Senate Properties. As a recap, see the full webinar recording from November 10th, and get closer look at a case study in workplace strategy in the public sector, and at how multi-faceted objectives all tie into a future workplace - based on flexibility and choice.

The Finnish government, already a pioneer in activity-based and flexible working globally, has recently been updating its policy on distributed working for government employees in its 'Multi-locational Working Guidelines' in support of its new 'Public Services Strategy'. These are some of the strong drivers for change in the way government workers will work and public services are delivered in the future - and these will have a strong impact on the workplace and real estate strategies going forward. To lead the way for others, the Senate Properties, the state owned property and asset management entity as well as the work environment partner and specialist of the Finnish government, is simultaneously setting high standards on incorporating environmental, societal and financial responsibility - as well as cultural heritage - into its strategies.

Optimaze's Pontus Kihlman interviews Kasper Fabritius, from Senate Properties.

In the webinar recording below, we'll be talking to Kasper Fabritius, Head of Solution Sales, Sales and Marketing Manager at Senate Properties, who as part of the management team, has been actively involved with renewing and future-proofing state's real estate strategies for a post-pandemic digital world. This was our tenth session of a series of workplace talks, where industry experts discuss the benefits that flexible work and smarter flexible workplace solutions can provide to employers, employees, the environment and society in general. The following is a webinar recording with the discussions hosted by Pontus Kihlman, interspersed with polls and presentations held by Rainer Lund, Head of International Sales, Optimaze.

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A webinar on the principles of hybrid working in banking - featuring OP Group.

Join host Pontus Kihlman (Head of Business Development, Optimaze) in a talk with Anna Haaman (Senior Expert, Hybrid Work Product Owner | OP Financial Group) and Tuula Laakso (Premises Manager | OP Financial Group) for the 2021 season finale of the Smart Workplace Sessions - you're invited on a virtual site tour to the headquarters of Finland's largest bank, OP Financial Group, to learn more about their workplace evolution from office-based working toward a hybrid work model. To learn more SIGN UP HERE.

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Our guest speaker in short:

Kasper Fabritius is responsible for Senate Properties solution sales, comprising the planning, steering, reporting and development of the sales operations nationwide. Kasper has had various positions with responsibilities in the field of leasing, facility-services and consulting, operative management as well as business development tasks since joining Senate in 2006. Prior, Kasper was engaged in consulting, real estate development, and sales and marketing in Scandinavia as well as German speaking Europe. Kasper holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University with major in construction economics and management and minor real estate management as well as a minor in management and organization from Hanken School of Economics.

Senate Properties is the real estate specialist and premises partner of the Finnish government. Together with their customers, Senate Properties creates and maintains work environments that support government agency operations. Senate Properties manages the state’s real estate assets and maintains buildings of cultural and historical importance. Responsibility - is at the heart of everything.

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