Connect your work environment with Optimaze Worksense

Turn your office into a digitally enabled, socially connected work environment with the IoT-based Optimaze Worksense platform.

Optimaze Worksense is an ideal tool for activity based offices.

Support activity based working and beyond

Promote hot desking and clean desk policy with real-time data on available workseats. Encourage flexible and agile work while lowering real estate costs. Read more

Worksense is developed to give employees great user experience.

Improve employee experience

With a unique combination of floorplans, IoT sensor data, online calendars and interactive features, Optimaze Worksense makes your workplace easily accessible from any device. Read more

Our sensor technology is easy and cost efficient to setup and install.

Enjoy easy and cost efficient installation

It's simple to setup in all kinds of spaces from individual desks to lecture halls. No impact on your network, no IT involved. You can start small and scale up. Read more

Create a better workplace experience for your organization

Manage your facility with thick data of actual space usage

  • Offer your organization real-time information about available workseats with an intuitive floor plan view
  • Save on real estate costs and reduce your carbon foot print by optimizing space use
  • Enrich utilization data with observations of work activities and group sizes 
  • Use heat maps to understand which spaces attract users and which don’t
  • Gather statistics on the actual amount of remote work done

Improve your facility management

  • Collect feedback from the space users
  • Replace paper printouts of floor plans for wayfinding with Worksense lobby screens
  • Keep your floor plans in order - our space management team will make sure your floorplans are up-to-date
  • Plan moves and changes with Optimaze space management tools

The big data from IoT-based sensors is compiled in a ready-to-use report.

In Optimaze Worksense the data is presented in an easy and understandable way for you to make informed decisions on the workplace.

Make your workday run smoother and easier

Optimaze Worksense helps you have a more dynamic and flexible work environment. You have real time space availability at your fingertips. Below, you can read more about how it actually works from employees' point of view.

But first, let us introduce Simon to you:

Simon Senses Part 1: Coming soon to offices near you!

Meet Simon. His mission is to improve your workplace experience. But how?


Simon Senses Part 2: Out now!

In the first part Simon wanted to help improve your workplace experience. What is he up to this time?  


Simon Senses Part 3: Don't Miss The Greatest Work Story!

Simon is getting stronger, wiser and more important to his coworkers. This is the ending of The Trilogy, but we will definitely hear more from Simon!


And here's how it works:


Find a free workseat, phone booth, space for concentration or meeting spaces on the fly. Make the most out of your work environment and find a workspace that best suits your needs. Afterwards free up space for others to find.  If you forget, no worries. Workseats are automatically released after a specified time of inactivity. 


Prefer it warm or cold? Optimaze Worksense can visualize sensor data on temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide - so you can find just the right available work setting that works for you. 


Your room booking system can be accessed directly from a floorplan, right from your smart phone. See available meeting rooms and check their bookings calendars. Book the room on the fly, with no doorway panels needed. Free up meeting rooms if your meeting is cancelled.


Opt in to create your own avatar, and share your location with others. Check into work and let your team know your location - on or off the campus. Search where your colleagues are, and feel a sense of community while physically separated. And hey, if you don´t know the person next to you, check out their profile.


Participate in developing your workspace. Give feedback on things that work or don’t work.


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The floor plan based interface is easy and intuitive to use.

Optimaze Worksense has an easy-to-use interface based on a floor plan view. It works just as well on your desktop browser, lobby screens and smart phone.

Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors are fast and easy to install

Optimaze Worksense can be used with any sensor*. To ensure quality solutions that don’t require integrations we partner with the best in class technology partners such as Connected Inventions.

Set up your Smart Office in just 1 day - no wires attached!

  1. We'll enhance and upload your floorplan in preps for installations.
  2. Connect sensor IDs to floorplans on-site: scan the QR-codes with our installation app.
  3. Attach battery-powered sensors to tables or ceilings in about a minute per sensor. Scan & install in teams of two.
  4. Worksense is ready for employees to use on their smart phones!
  5. Sensor data begins to collect for your workplace management dashboard.
  6. Next, start connecting booking calendars, lobby screens and other sensors to Worksense!

Connected Inventions is our partner providing state-of-the-art IoT technology and services for customers worldwide

Connected Inventions sensors track space availability as well as indoor air quality. Sensors have been carefully designed to perform optimally in working environments – ensuring data quality and functionality in different types of spaces and workstations. 

The sensors are completely wireless, using LPWA technology and global Sigfox network. Even if Sigfox is currently not available in your region, ask for more information on how we can provide deliveries to locations outside the Sigfox coverage.

* We have a solution that is manufacturer independent – ask for more information about the sensors you are already using or about co-operation if you are a manufacturer.

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Start your workplace digitalization today

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