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Collect real estate portfolio data with Optimaze

Optimaze is a modular, easy-to-use software that gathers together all your real estate portfolio data on facilities and working environments together in one place. With Optimaze, your organization is always prepared for the changing needs of your real estate portfolio. Take a look at the various software modules available:

Real estate portfolio management

The real estate portfolio of a large company may contain thousands of sites around the world. Managing such a portfolio without appropriate tools can be time-consuming and laborious. Our system can be implemented quickly, and it will enable you always to keep your real estate data up to date and ready for comparisons.

  • Analyze portfolio key figures in a compact format required in real estate management
  • View space utilization, occupancy cost, and the environmental data for the entire portfolio and for individual buildings at a glance
  • View all your real estate on a map

We can help you with gathering and maintaining real estate data. Read more about the commissioning project of a real estate portfolio. 

Real estate data, including maps of sites, can be viewed with Optimaze real estate management software.
Manage your entire real estate portfolio with Optimaze. 

Space management

The Optimaze software keeps your space information updated and gathered in one graphical system. The comprehensive space management solution will show the savings potential in your facilities, encourage more efficient utilization of space in your organization and provide assistance for decision-making regarding your facilities.

  • View all your facilities as graphical floor plans
  • Report on space utilization to the entire organization transparently and consistently
  • Manage moves of individuals and entire units
  • Keep space management information on equipment, contracts and locations up-to-date 
Optimaze space management software displays your workspaces and other facilties as graphic floor plans.
Optimaze shows your facilities in clear floor plans.

Financial and lease management

With Optimaze, you can manage space utilization and lease agreements, occupancy costs, and user data. Optimaze can also be integrated with your financial management, HR and external invoicing systems.

  • Allocate, budget and forecast – in a single system
  • Allocate occupancy costs according to actual space utilization
  • Prepare budgets for facilities based on actual result data
  • Automatize lease management and be proactive with contractual liabilities and changes
  • Save the data required by the IFRS 16 standard and Optimaze will automatically calculate  key figures for the financial statement 
Lease agreements, occupancy costs, user and space utilization data is managed with Optimaze software.
With Optimaze, you can manage your lease agreements or view your organization's tenant data.

Service contract management

Service contract management enables you to manage the agreements between the customer, subscriber and service provider. The viewpoint and user rights are adapted according to roles.

  • Manage the entire process from defining needs to invoicing and managing changes
  • Increase transparency in the exchange of information between subscribers, suppliers and customers
  • Automate processes that are conducted manually
  • Link service contracts to floor plans for easy viewing in one view

Space utilization measurements

Most office space is wasted space, as its average space utilization rate is only around 40%. Measuring space efficiency in your organization is quick and easy with our IoT-based Optimaze Worksense occupancy sensors and measuring tool Optimaze Measure. Measurement data lays the foundation for the development of the workspace, allowing portfolio-level plans for the use of space to be drafted.

  • Manage your facility with thick data of actual space usage
  • Save on real estate costs and reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing space utilization
  • Get the big data from the sensors compiled in a ready-to-use report
  • Enhance employee experience by developing work environments that support your way of working
Optimaze Measure is an easy and quick method for measuring the utilization rate of your workplace.  With Optimaze Measure you quickly record how workstations, ad-hoc seats, meeting rooms and other spaces are used.

Environmental calculation

In the service sector, use of space is the cause of up to 70% of a company's key environmental impacts. Enhanced space utilization cuts down emissions as well as occupancy costs.
We can help you measure the carbon footprint of your facilities and find the occupancy solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your organization. We can offer a complete environmental calculation tool or conduct the analysis for you – the solutions can be fully tailored to suit your needs.

  • Assess your facilities' emissions
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your facilities
  • Determine the cost-saving potential of your facilities
  • Utilize the emissions data in CSR reporting

Where your facilities are located also plays a role in your carbon footprint.  We take into account commuting to and from the workplace as well as business travel. We can, if you so choose, calculate a personal carbon footprint report for each employee in your organization.


IWMS360° (Integrated Workplace Management System) is the real estate management solution for the digital age. It enables you to manage your real estate throughout its life cycle. IWMS360° offers tools for managing projects (construction, repairs, investments, alterations), space utilization and maintenance.

Read how IWMS360° brings benefits to City of Vantaa →   By improving their lease process, Vantaa has saved several person-years.   

Integration to other systems

The Optimaze software has been integrated to more than 70 systems. There are several standard interfaces available for transferring data to the Optimaze software and for making information available to external systems. Certain standard fields can be manually imported or retrieved through the user interface.

The commonest integrations are:

  • Importing realized costs from a financial administration system and transferring internal rents to a financial administration system
  • Importing person lists and an organization hierarchy from an HR system
  • Exporting real estate and building data to other systems
  • Exporting rent invoices to an accounting system
During commissioning or expansion projects, it is possible to implement one-time mass imports of data (migrations) in the Optimaze software.

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