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Optimaze illustrates your space information

The Optimaze software allows you to view all your facilities as informative floor plans. Linking plans to up-to-date information on the use of the facilities makes managing your real estate portfolio and reporting easy.

Space management requires no special skills in your organization. Our space management team will draw your facilities in the software and maintain them as agreed.

Space management drawings

Floor plans processed in Optimaze are called space management drawings. If you wish, you can maintain them yourself, or you can use our service, which includes modifying and finalizing the drawings and importing them into the software using an AutoCAD- Architecture-based RapalStudio application. The source material we use can vary from scanned paper drawings to IFC data models.

The categories of basic space information that are specified in connection with space information production can include the following:

  • Space geometry
  • User
  • Owner
  • Area
  • Space category
  • Space label
  • Number of workstations

Up-to-date space information forms the base for reporting on the use of space and environmental data.

The Optimaze software keeps your space information updated and allows you to view all your facilities as informative floor plans.The Optimaze software allows you to view all your facilities as informative floor plans.

Time management

When changes are made to your organization's spaces, just inform us and we will update the floor plans in the software. Time management allows us to allocate a validity period for the spaces and associated information. A new version of the floor plan will be created in the system at each change; this makes it possible to view and process past and future space views.

Rescue plan and waste collection plan symbols

You can add symbols for waste collection and rescue plans in the Optimaze floor plans. You can save finished plans as PDF files and display them in lobby areas for rescue and cleaning instruction purposes.

The rescue symbols are based on the Finnish National Rescue Association guidelines.

Use the Optimaze floor plans to allocate validity periods for spaces, classify operational sections and create rescue plan visuals.

With Optimaze you can easily update space views, add symbols for rescue plans and classify operational sections or floors of buildings.

Main use zone

With the main use zones in the Optimaze software, you can classify operational sections or floors of buildings. With main use zones, you can ensure that the software will use consistent grounds for calculating key figures for the entire stock. For example, when calculating space efficiency for office premises, you can exclude premises designated for operations, customer services, or archiving.

Using the zones also makes it possible to compare the calculations made for companies operating in different fields.

Move management tools

The move  management tools allow you to manage moves within your organization smoothly and appropriately.

1. Single-person moves

Staff in your organization can update their altered location details in Optimaze without specific access rights. The single-person move management tool has its own user interface and can be used via a separate link without signing in. It is possible, for example, to add a general link to the user interface on the intranet site of a client organization. It is possible to set the system to update a person's location in the system automatically following a move notification, or make it subject to the approval of a main user.

2. Unit moves

With the Large move tool, you can relocate several people, for example, when the whole organization or unit is moving to new facilities.  It is easy to move people from one building to another on a set moving date.


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